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Cuba Vibrates with Mammoth May Day Demonstration

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  • Walter Lippmann
    (These three articles will appear in Monday s edition of TRABAJADORES, the weekly newspaper of the Cuban Trade Union Central, the CTC.)
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
      (These three articles will appear in Monday's
      edition of TRABAJADORES, the weekly newspaper
      of the Cuban Trade Union Central, the CTC.)

      Cuba Vibrates with Mammoth May Day Demonstration
      AIN - May 1, 2005


      More than a million and a half Cubans led by President Fidel Castro
      overflowed Revolution Square in Havana on Sunday accompanied by political
      personalities, intellectuals and union and student representatives from 58
      nations of all continents.

      Simultaneously with the massive gathering in Havana, at approximately 7:45
      this morning, parades and rallies began in all municipalities and provinces
      across the island, to the tune of the old Cuban Liberation Army anthem.

      The first speaker of the day in the capital was Pedro Ross Leal,
      secretary-general of the Cuban Workers' Federation. The trade union leader
      read a declaration in the name of the Cuban labor, community and student

      After denouncing that one of the most notorious terrorists in history, Luis
      Posada Carriles, has taken refuge in the US, Ross Leal said the entire world
      is a witness to the Bush administration's double standard with regards to
      the fight against international terrorism.

      The media already has enough evidence and facts to assure justice be served
      in the case of this murderer who was trained by the CIA, protected by the US
      government and financed by ultra right Cuban-American groups based in Miami,
      said the head of the Cuban Labor Federation.

      "We demand that the European Union clearly state its position on the case,"
      he added.

      Pedro Ross Leal also upheld Venezuela's right to request the extradition of
      Posada Carriles who escaped from a Caracas prison while awaiting trial for
      the bombing of a Cubana jetliner that killed all 73 passengers back in 1976.

      We demand justice for the thousands of Cubans who lost their lives and those
      left maimed from the horrendous terrorist acts committed against our
      country, said Ross Leal.

      We also demand freedom for the Cuban Five, held as political prisoners by
      the United States for the "crime" of infiltrating Miami based terrorist
      groups that for decades have carried out attacks against our country.

      On behalf of Cuban workers, farmers, combatants, students, etc., I want to
      reaffirm the island's determination "to defend the nation, the revolution
      and socialism with our teeth and nails if necessary."

      Cuba Is Not Alone
      AIN - May 1, 2005

      Cuba is not alone, affirmed Argentinean intellectual Atilio Boron, executive
      secretary of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences, who spoke to
      mote than a million Cubans and friends of their revolution attending the May
      Day celebration today in Havana's Revolution Square.

      As evidence, he pointed an appeal signed by 5,000 intellectuals and artists
      voicing their solidarity with Cuba and opposing efforts to censure Cuba
      before the UN Human Rights Commission of in Geneva.

      Boron pointed out that the campaign against the island was supported by
      governments of the European Union, nations which gave in the face of the US
      threats to blackmail them.

      Citing the example of the Benito Juarez International Tribunal, which just
      recently convened in Mexico, Boron highlighted that this body overwhelmingly
      condemned the US government for its repeated acts of aggression against the
      Cuban people.

      In his address, Boron said the decadence of imperialism is irreversible and
      unavoidable, adding that the arrogance of the US was not enough to force
      with the Free Trade of the Americas agreement, although Washington continues
      to threaten Latin America.

      Nor has the US been able to even impose its own candidate on a decrepit
      organism such as the Organization of American States, this for the first
      time in history.

      The fall of the US empire will be quicker than that of Rome, because no
      empire can last forever, he stressed.

      The academic noted that Latin America is already evidencing a resistance to
      imperial pressure. For its part, Cuba has emerged with greater economic,
      political and social strength, following the economic downturn of the
      economic crisis suffered in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

      The speaker referred to steps Venezuela is taking today in the fight against
      illiteracy and highlighted the proposed Latin American integration model
      known as the "Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas" as a new form of
      relationship between countries.
      Atilio Boron affirmed that this May Day is necessary to shatter the lies put
      forward by the United States, a country where the Cuban-American terrorist
      Luis Posada Carriles is being protected while five Cuban anti-terrorist
      fighters are being held in US prisons.

      Boron warned that the empire is at a historical crossroad and is redoubling
      its aggressiveness, placing at risk the very survival of the human species.
      In the face of that gloomy scenario, he concluded, Latin America offers
      itself as a light of hope.

      Cuba Demands Justice at May Day Demonstration

      Over a million Havana residents and President Fidel Castro are gathered
      Sunday morning in the Cuban capital to celebrate International Workers' Day,
      while demanding the US come clean on the presence of international terrorist
      Luis Posada Carriles in that country.

      Pedro Ross Leal, general secretary of the Federation of Cuban Workers, was
      the first of several speakers at the massive rally.

      The labor leader said the fugitive's safe haven in the US demonstrates that
      the Bush administration uses a double standard on terrorism and urged the
      international media to thoroughly investigate this matter.

      Posada is wanted for having plotted in 1976 with Orlando Bosch, another
      Cuban-born terrorist now living comfortably in the United States, for the
      sabotage of a civilian Cubana jetliner in which all 73 passengers were blown
      to bits.

      Ross Leal noted that Posada Carriles was trained by the CIA and has worked
      under the command of the White House for decades. Moreover, he said he was
      always protected and financed for his actions by the US government and right
      wing extremist groups based in Miami.

      In 2000, Posada was arrested for trying to assassinate Fidel Castro during
      an Ibero-American summit in Panama. He was convicted of endangering public
      safety and sentenced to eight years in prison, but the outgoing Panamanian
      president, Mireya Moscoso, pardoned him and his three co-conspirators last
      year. After hiding out in Central America, the terrorist is now in the US
      and seeking asylum.

      "We demand the truth about Posada Carriles' arrival in the United States; on
      how security measures at the borders were violated, and who organized and
      supported the operation," said Ross Leal.

      "We clamor for justice, on behalf of 3,478 Cubans killed and 2,099 disabled
      by terrorist acts against Cuba. Likewise we demand the release of the Cuban
      Five," sentenced in the United States to unjust, and inhumane prison terms
      for having fought terrorism, said the top Cuban labor leader.
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