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Editorial ignores `activist' crimes (letter to Sun-Sentinel)

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  • Walter Lippmann
    (A perfect letter to the editor: short, sweet and to the point. And that s part of why it was published.) ====================================================
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
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      (A perfect letter to the editor: short, sweet and to
      the point. And that's part of why it was published.)


      Editorial ignores `activist' crimes
      Lazaro Herrera
      Press Officer Cuban Interests Section Washington, D.C.

      April 1, 2005

      After reading an editorial like the one published March 16,
      "Celebrate right to speak freely," I wonder why the
      newspaper deliberately lies when trying to hide the true
      nature of those persons named as "activists" or "civil
      rights advocates"? Why not mention the facts, proved not
      only by means of evidence against those persons presented
      during the public trial held in the presence of their
      relatives, but in Mr. Cason's own public statements
      concerning the material support and active encouragement of
      the internal subversion in Cuba?

      We are talking about concrete facts, such as receiving
      money from a foreign power that has publicly declared its
      intention to take action in order to accelerate the end of
      a government constitutionally established and
      internationally recognized; to conspire under the direction
      of representatives of that foreign power, in order to act
      against the security of the given country and the security
      of its fellow citizens; to put their reports about services
      offered to this end under representatives of this power's

      To try to distort these crimes by qualifying them as
      "defense of civil rights" in order to hide their real
      purposes as foreign agents is a deceit to American public
      opinion. As prestigious as it is, the Sun-Sentinel should
      not confuse the right to speak freely with the supposed
      right to lie politically motivated.

      Why, however, has it been hidden that five young Cubans
      were convicted as foreign agents by a Miami federal court,
      in a manipulated trial, when they really were dedicated to
      preventing actions organized by terrorist groups based in
      that city? In the name of which freedom of information can
      be justified the silence that has risen around this
      process, which, by the way, happened long before these
      "civil rights fighters" whom the Sun-Sentinel defends were
      properly condemned?

      Would the Sun-Sentinel join efforts so that one day all
      Americans know the truth about these five anti-terrorists?
      If so, such a serious contribution to the freedom of
      information would be highly appreciated by American and
      world opinion.

      Copyright C 2005, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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