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SAY YES FOR CUBA BULLETIN - Thursday July 31, 2003

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    Prensa Latina Latin American News Agency S.A. ... SAY YES FOR CUBA BULLETIN ... Thursday July 31, 2003 ... Headlines: - Messages in Solidarity with Cuba from
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      Prensa Latina
      Latin American News Agency S.A.


      Thursday July 31, 2003

      - Messages in Solidarity with Cuba from around the World
      - USA-Cuba Youth Meeting Concludes
      - Colombian Publication Highlights Recent Speech by Fidel Castro
      - Chilean City Council Member Confirms Increased Solidarity with Cuba
      - Alliance of Anti-imperialist Intellectuals in Solidarity with Cuba

      Messages in Solidarity with Cuba from around the World

      Havana.- Messages of solidarity highlighting the sovereign character of the
      Cuban Revolution are being received today from different parts of the world
      after the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada and
      Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garrisons. The letters continue pouring in to the
      headquarters of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP),
      according to a press release distributed by that non governmental organization.
      Costa Rican groups of Friendship and Solidarity, the Czech-Cuba Friendship
      Association, its Italian counterpart and also the Italian Communist Refoundation
      Party are among the friends of the Caribbean Island that displayed their support.
      "We are congratulated on the occasion of 50 years of resistance and
      relentless struggle against imperialism and for our social and human achievements,"
      adds the ICAP text noting that demonstrations of solidarity were also sent from
      Germany and France.
      On Saturday July 26 the island celebrated the 50th anniversary of the
      historical event that marked the beginning of the last stage of the armed struggle
      for the true independence of Cuba. The date is called the National Day of
      Rebellion and on this occasion was commemorated in the eastern city of Santiago de
      Cuba. Cuban President Fidel Castro gave the keynote address before more than
      10,000 Cuban and foreign guests and a live national TV and radio audience.

      USA-Cuba Youth Meeting Concludes

      Havana.- The 3rd US-Cuba Youth Meeting, with some 300 US youths
      participating, concludes today with the certainty that both peoples can maintain normal
      relations. The US youths, who arrived in Cuba on July 22, said that upon
      returning home they will contribute to raising people's awareness to increase
      solidarity with Cuba. Jessica Marshal, a delegate of Chicago's Young Communist League,
      expressed her disappointment with the anti-Cuba policy of the Bush
      administration and said she will defend more energetically the Cuban revolutionary
      project. We want justice and peace in our country, as well as in the world, and we
      understand that we must carry out an internal struggle because the US
      government's warmongering policy is affecting humankind, she asserted.

      Colombian Publication Highlights Recent Speech by Fidel Castro

      Bogota.- Under the title "A People's dignity can not be questioned," the
      Colombian weekly review 'Voz' highlights today the speech of the Cuban President
      Fidel Castro of July 26 in Santiago de Cuba on the occasion of the 50th
      Anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada Garrison. Voz, organ of the Colombian
      Communist Party (CCP) points out that in his speech in commemoration of the heroic
      deed (the beginning of the insurrection against the Batista dictatorship);
      Fidel Castro rejected the humiliating pressure from the European Union (EU) in
      its attempt to change the direction of the Cuban Revolution. "In a historical
      and massively attended event in front of the old installations of Moncada
      Garrison in Santiago de Cuba," the Cuban President asserted that despite the EU
      pressure "a people's sovereignty and dignity would not be discussed." The weekly
      maintains that the Cuban president recalled the situation of misery and
      general poverty in which the people lived under the Batista dictatorship when the
      island was considered "America's brothel."
      After stating the main advances achieved by the Cuban Revolution in nearly
      all fields, Voz refers to Fidel Castro's assertion that the gains do not mean
      that the Cuban people are living in paradise today. The truth is -underlines
      the publication- that the Cuban people have had to suffer four decades of
      imperialist blockade and inhumane pressure, holding out against the pressure of the
      big powers who seek to divert the country's socialist direction. Finally, the
      weekly review reiterates Cuba's position in relation to the EU, when Fidel
      Castro announced his government's decision to give up any humanitarian support
      given by this block, which he called symbolic. The Cuban leader also noted that
      the commercial exchange between the EU and Cuba is favorable to the nations
      of the old continent.

      Chilean City Council Member Confirms Increased Solidarity with Cuba

      Havana.- Chilean City Councilman Miguel Lizama confirmed that solidarity with
      Cuba increases in his country when delivering a document with thousands of
      signatures in support of the Island's policy at the Cuban Institute of
      Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP). Lizama, who is a city councilor of Alameda Bdo
      O.Higgins Central Station, in Santiago de Chile, stated that the petition drive
      was carried out door to door, in the streets, at workplaces, and in the
      countryside, and has been a very encouraging experience that also helped to inform
      people about the Cuban reality. A member of the "Comando Amplio" Cuban Solidarity
      Group, Lizama recalled that Chileans will never forget the support given by
      Cuba to those persons who had to leave Chile after the September, 1973 coup led
      by Augusto Pinochet.

      Alliance of Anti-imperialist Intellectuals in Solidarity with Cuba
      (from the Cuban newspaper Granma)

      "Cuba has always been and is now more than ever the target of brutal US
      imperialism. Now more than ever it needs our solidarity in the same way we, now
      more than ever, need the example of the heroic Cuban people." This was the
      statement of 135 writers, artists, academics, journalists and professionals,
      mostly Spanish but also from Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and the United
      States, joined in the Alliance of Anti-imperialist Intellectuals. Last
      Saturday, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and
      Céspedes Garrison, they released a communiqué in which they denounced "with alarm
      and indignation the increasing weakness of the intellectual world against the
      bribes and blackmail of power." Furthermore they called "significantly
      serious" the letter, published weeks before, whereby a group of intellectuals joined
      the media's anti-Cuban campaign, sponsored by the so-called Encuentro de la
      Cultura Cubana Association, whose links with US institutions such as the
      National Endowment for Democracy and the Spanish branch of the Cuban American
      National Foundation are widely known. The Alliance of Anti-imperialist
      Intellectuals list includes writer Rosa Regás, whose novels won her the International
      Alfaguara and Nadal Awards; actor Antonio Resines, two-time Goya Award winner and
      famous for his performances in the films La niña de tus ojos and Pídele
      cuentas al rey; playwright Alfonso Sastre, recently distinguished with the Max Honor
      Award; writer Andrés Sorel; academic Carlos Fernández Liria from Complutense
      University; detective novel writer Juan Madrid; Brazilian sociologist Emir
      Sader; US political scientist James Petras; German-Mexican essayist Heinz
      Dieterich; Venezuelan singer Soledad Bravo, and Basque activist and writer Eva Forest.


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