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Say Yes To Cuba Bulleten June 2, 2003

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  • Walter Lippmann
    Prensa Latina Latin American News Agency S.A. ... SAY YES FOR CUBA BULLETIN ... Monday, June 2, 2003 ... Summary: - Che Guevara Revered by Ecuadorians
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      Prensa Latina
      Latin American News Agency S.A.


      Monday, June 2, 2003


      - Che Guevara Revered by Ecuadorians Supporting Cuba
      - Colombian Weekly Dedicates Celebration to Cuba and Peace
      - Visit by Fidel Castro to Argentina Lives in Latin
      America's Memory
      - Cuban Agent Denounced Real US Objectives
      - Voices of the World Demanding Respect for Cuba Increase

      Che Guevara Revered by Ecuadorians Supporting Cuba

      Puyo, Ecuador.- "We learned to love you,..." sang hundreds
      of Ecuadorians in the famous song of solidarity with Cuba to
      honor Ernesto Che Guevara. Veneration of the guerrilla
      commander resounded during a day of support to the Cuban
      Revolution, in the Amazon city of Puyo, 147 miles south of
      Quito. Two hundred delegates of the Ecuadorian Solidarity
      with Cuba Coordinating Committee, from throughout the
      country, met here for its 8th National Assembly. Che was
      present at all times, group president Voltaire Medida told
      Prensa Latina, a statement corroborated by every member and
      Puyo resident that shared in the celebration. Aleida
      Guevara, daughter of the "Heroic Guerrilla Fighter", was the
      special guest, and she talked about her father, referring to
      the "wonderful man and exemplary revolutionary." She also
      explained the US injustice against Five Cubans imprisoned
      for confronting terrorist groups plotting against the Island
      from US territory. This assembly was dedicated to the Five,
      and one of the resolutions demands a fair trial outside the
      "hide-out" of the anti-Cuban Mafia. This was a meeting that
      left behind ideological differences to make a common cause
      with Cuba and reaffirm a movement considered among the
      strongest and internationally better organized. Each
      speaker denounced the most recent Washington attempts to
      provoke a crisis in order to justify an armed aggression.

      Colombian Weekly Dedicates Celebration to Cuba and Peace

      Bogota.- The 19th Festival of Voz weekly is dedicated to
      solidarity with Cuba and world peace and will be held in
      this capital on June 29, announced the director of this
      Colombian Communist Party publication, Carlos Arturo Lozano.
      In a statement to Prensa Latina, Lozano stressed that it is
      currently important to give international solidarity and
      support to Cuba, since it is the target of aggression from
      the US which is trying to impose a new international order
      by force. However, "this US policy has found resistance and
      dignity on the Island, which several submissive governments
      of the region have lacked," confirmed Lozano." Cuba
      continues demanding respect for its sovereignty and
      independence, as well as the release of its five compatriots
      imprisoned in the US, for the only crime of fighting
      terrorism planned and carried out against the Island by
      ultra rightwing sectors of Cuban origin in that nation, with
      Washington's approval. The leader of the Colombian
      Communist Party stressed the Colombian people's solidarity
      with the Cuban government and people, to be clearly
      demonstrated during the Festival on June 29.

      Visit by Fidel Castro to Argentina Lives in Latin America's

      Buenos Aires.- Cuban President Fidel Castro's visit to
      Argentina in May is still getting important spaces in Latin
      America, where there has been much interest on his
      statements. Argentinean newspaper Clarín included an
      interview with the Cuban leader Sunday, encompassing issues
      dealt with during his stay here May 25-26, on the occasion
      of President Nestor Kirchner's inauguration, and other
      current issues. In comments to the newspaper, the Cuban
      President expanded on his denunciation of the perils
      threatening Latin America from different risks, including
      military aggression. Another danger pending over the
      region, he stated, is that of being devoured or subjugated,
      "with the seizure of resources and the imposition of a
      system that is already undergoing a crisis." In that sense,
      he emphasized his firm belief on the need for a united Latin
      America to look for solutions to its serious economic
      crisis. Speaking before a huge crowd of Argentineans in
      Buenos Aires at the steps of the University Law School on
      May 26 he said, we have to join to find a solution to the
      problem of peace and unity of the Latin American nations
      without interference from the United States. Fidel Castro
      also mentioned that in part, he came to Argentina in
      retribution of the position taken by that country in
      abstaining to vote against Cuba at the United Nations Human
      Rights Commission.

      Cuban Agent Denounced Real US Objectives

      Havana.- The United States Interests Section in Cuba (USIS)
      only wants to have puppets, names to present to the public
      opinion as an "opposition to Castro's regime," Cuban
      security agent Odilia Collazo Valdes denounced. We founded
      an office in which a youth movement, the Medical Independent
      College and the Pro Human Rights Party were joined -Collazo
      explained- since the USIS wanted to have representation from
      different sectors of the civil society. Odilia Collazo was
      part of the group of Cubans who recently revealed their true
      work inside the so-called opposition organizations against
      the Cuban Revolution, from which 75 counter-revolutionaries
      were sentenced under the charges of conspiracy. According
      to the source, the USIS delivered bags with radios,
      lanterns, literature, and battery chargers, many copies of
      the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as
      speeches from US political figures and statements by
      President George W. Bush.

      Voices of the World Demanding Respect for Cuba Increase

      Havana.- New figures from Europe and Latin America joined
      the "Call to the Conscience of the World," read at the
      historic concentration on May 1st at Havana's Revolution
      Square. The document demands respect for the Cuban people's
      self-determination and warns of the aggressive US plans
      against Cuba, Granma newspaper commented Monday. The
      document, presented by Mexican sociologist Pablo Gonzalez
      Casanova and signed by Nobel Prize laureates Gabriel Garcia
      Marquez, Nadine Gordimer, Adolfo Perez Esquivel and
      Rigoberta Menchu, now has 4,245 signatures from all over the
      world. The most recent signatures to join include those of
      Venezuelan Luis Britto Garcia, a two-time Casa de las
      Americas Award winner and one of the most penetrating
      critics of what has been the media aggression against his
      country's Bolivarian process. British academic Peter Gowan,
      known for his devastating analysis of the new imperial
      geopolitics, who clearly shows his unyielding position
      against a kind of globalization that intends to impose a
      unique model on the world by force, also joined the signers.
      Russian astronaut Vitali Sevastianov, Flight Engineer in the
      Soyuz 9 and 18 expeditions, also joined the call.


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