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Re: [CubaNews] Freedom Socialist Party backs Cuba in clash with US

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    ... Tom says: It is good that the FSP hasissuedthisstattement. They used to be active in the Seattle*Cuba Friendship Committee but havent participated in
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      >Freedom Socialist Party Statement
      >in Defense of Cuba:
      >Stop U.S. Aggression!

      Tom says:
      It is good that the FSP hasissuedthisstattement. They used to be active in
      the Seattle*Cuba Friendship Committee but havent participated in about a
      year. Maybe this is an indicaation that they will return.

      Tom Warner, Secretaaary SCFC

      >Every day the U.S. government becomes more belligerent and bellicose
      >towards our neighbor to the south.
      >Once again, Cubans are being encouraged by U.S. policy to fly,
      >motorboat or even swim to Florida's shores. Meanwhile, reports of
      >life-threatening hijackings in Cuba are escalating. These actions
      >are spawned by Washington's refusal to grant visas to Cubans who want
      >to leave legally, and by promises to go easy on others who reach "the
      >land of milk and honey" illegally, even if they are hijackers.
      >This policy, coupled with attempts by the Bush administration to
      >destabilize the Cuban government from within (through stepped-up
      >payments to and brash plotting with counter-revolutionaries on the
      >island) has created a new crisis in U.S.-Cuba relations.
      >The current jailing of U.S.-bankrolled "dissidents," and the recent
      >death sentences meted out to ferry hijackers, need to be weighed
      >within the larger context of U.S.-Cuba relations, as well as the
      >imperial aims of Washington. Is Cuba overreacting to a potential
      >threat from the U.S.? We don't think so. We agree with the
      >perspective set forth in the excellent article entitled "Cuba
      >Crackdown: A Revolt Against the National Security Strategy?" by Robert
      >Sandels, found in CounterPunch
      >Consider the following facts. Bush's Latin American policy czar, Cuban
      >American Otto Reich, is busy fomenting coups in Venezuela. Meanwhile,
      >Colin Powell announces Cuba is to remain on the list of terrorist
      >nations, and his aide, John Bolton, claims the island is exporting
      >biological technology to terrorist nations. But hey, relax, says
      >Donald Rumsfeld, Cuba is not to be invaded just yet! In this highly
      >charged atmosphere, is it really so difficult to imagine Washington
      >sparking another massive outpouring of Cuban "refugees," in order to
      >justify a military confrontation in the ensuing melee?
      >What is Cuba to do if the U.S. has shown it won't extradite or try
      >hijackers, or if the U.S. refuses to issue visas for legal migration
      >and encourages illegal immigration? Under the economic conditions
      >imposed by the blockade, this policy ignites a time bomb on the
      >Within this context comes the trial of the ferry hijackers. The three
      >men, who were tried and executed, had held weapons on their hostages,
      >repeatedly threatened to kill them, and ordered the unseaworthy ferry
      >out into rough seas, threatening the lives of all on board. This
      >hijacking was one of seven such attempts in an equal number of months,
      >including armed hijackings of passenger planes. Cuban authorities also
      >foiled plans for over two-dozen additional hijackings. Castro stated
      >that he feared a massive exodus if swift measures were not taken to
      >end this stampede quickly.
      >In this atmosphere, the Cuban government held a summary trial and
      >quickly executed those found guilty, in an attempt to stop more
      >hijackings from occurring. We would have preferred less of a rush to
      >judgment, and consider the lengthy appeals process for convicted
      >criminals one of the gains of the American Revolution and subsequent
      >struggles. But we are not in a position to know how imminent a
      >massive exodus was from Cuba and cannot say whether the Cuban
      >government had good cause to act so swiftly. What we do know is that
      >the Cuban government followed its own laws in these matters and has
      >the right to defend its citizenry from imperialist sabotage.
      >As for the "dissidents" jailed for taking money and direction from the
      >U.S. in order to further the openly counter-revolutionary Helms-Burton
      >legislation, the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) supports the right of
      >the Cuban government to prosecute and jail those who were guilty.
      >The FSP strongly condemns continued attempts by the U.S.
      >administration to overthrow Cuba's democratically elected government.
      >We also defend Cuba's right to protect itself against U.S. aggression
      >and destabilization maneuvers. We feel the strongest measures Cuba
      >and its supporters could take would be to eject U.S. Interest Section
      >Chief James Cason from Cuba for openly aiding opponents of the
      >revolution, mount an international campaign to kick the Yankees out of
      >Guantanamo, publicly oppose the U.S. "war on terrorism," and continue
      >the campaign to free the Cuban Five.
      >We are concerned that Castro's offer after September 11, 2001 to help
      >Washington in the war on terrorism contradicts Cuba's proud history of
      >opposition to U.S. imperialism. The offer disarmed and disoriented
      >forces here and elsewhere who are attempting to expose the capitalist
      >aims of the U.S. in the domestic and international arena. The same
      >holds true for Castro's showcasing of Jimmy Carter's trip to the
      >island to promote the Washington-backed Varela Project, as well as the
      >Cuban government's refusal to allow any criticism of the Catholic
      >Church during the Pope's visit despite Church opposition to socialism,
      >reproductive rights and lesbian/gay freedom.
      >Publicly offering to cooperate with Washington in the war on terrorism
      >has only revived more Bush administration charges against Cuba (i.e.
      >giving the U.S. false tips on terrorist activities, harboring
      >terrorists from Ireland, Colombia and the Basque Region, etc.).
      >Washington has absolutely no interest in "cooperating" with Cuba as
      >evinced when they threw five Cuban nationals in jail for collecting
      >information on U.S.-based anti-Cuba terrorists, even though the
      >intelligence was shared with U.S. authorities.
      >The FSP understands that Cuba is relatively isolated in terms of
      >international support from other governments. But the masses of
      >peoples across the globe will heed an unambiguous call to rally in
      >defense of the Cuban revolution and against U.S. aggression. Let's
      >build a movement around Guantanamo to equal the one that freed Vieques
      >from Yankee bombing raids, while denouncing the sham war on terrorism
      >and replacing it with an international campaign to expose and oppose
      >the real goals of corporate America.
      >Issued by: Freedom Socialist Party National Office
      >4710 University Way NE #100, Seattle, WA USA 98105
      >206-985-4621- fspnatl@... - www.socialism.com
      >In Los Angeles:
      >Solidarity Hall, 2170 W. Washington Blvd. L.A. CA 90018
      >323-732-6416 � LAFSPRW6@...
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