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CubaNews notes Tuesday April 1, 2003

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  • Walter Lippmann
    CubaNews notes for Tuesday, April 1, 2003 by Walter Lippmann, Moderator, CubaNews While the Iraq war is the main topic of public attention everywhere,
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      CubaNews notes for Tuesday, April 1, 2003
      by Walter Lippmann, Moderator, CubaNews

      While the Iraq war is the main topic of public
      attention everywhere, including in the Cuban
      media, we have just learned that another
      hijacking is in progress in Havana as this is
      written. Agrenade-wielding criminal seized a
      Cuban airliner with 40 adults and six children.

      (Such activities are encouraged by the US
      when hijacked planes are kept in the US and
      used for fundraising for ultra-right exiles. Just
      last week the latest hijackers were granted
      bail by the Florida courts over prosecution
      objections. One report states the hijackers
      remain in jail unable to post bail, another
      says they have been released. We're still
      waiting for clarification of these facts.)

      The hijackers is demanding to be taken
      to the United States at this time.

      From Cuba's National Information Agency:
      New hijacking of a passenger plane

      Havana, March 31 (National News Agency) Tonight , at 9:30
      p.m. an AN-24 type aircraft, on a flight from Nueva Gerona
      to Havana, was hijacked by an individual that apparently has
      a hand grenade, and demanded to be taken to the United
      States, according what was informed by the pilot.

      Because the aircraft had not enough fuel, the pilot landed
      the aircraft at the "Jose Marti" International Airport in
      Boyeros. At this moment, at 11:35 p.m., according to what
      was informed from the aircraft, the individual is located at
      the rear of the plane, with two hand grenades . It is
      possible that he may have accomplices that are next to him.

      The AN-24 is in the middle of the runway. According to the
      data, in the aircraft, including the crew, 40 adults,
      including the crew, and six children were traveling.

      This event is the immediate fruit of the encouragement
      received by the hijackers of aircraft, with the behavior of
      the authorities of the United States, during the hijacking
      of the passenger aircraft that was taken by six terrorists,
      that by using knives, detoured the DC-3 aircraft towards
      the United States last 19th of March.

      The government of that nation will have to deal with the
      total responsibility of what may happen. The Cuban
      authorities on their part, are doing the maximum effort to
      find a solution that will preserve the security and the
      lives of passengers and crew.

      31 March 2003 11:40 p.m.

      Washington's war on Iraq continues without
      interruption. Horrific atrocities are reported in
      today's Washington Post where, for example,
      yesterday Marines killed ten people in a car
      which, Marines claimed, didn't stop as told.
      What follows isn't from a leftist medium but
      from the Washington Post which has been
      a vigorous supporter of the war on Iraq:

      "A Gruesome Scene on Highway 9
      10 Dead After Vehicle Shelled at Checkpoint:
      www.washingtonpost.com As you can see,
      this is also the lead story in today's Granma:

      The Pentagon and Bush administrations may
      come to regret their decision to have so many
      journalists "embedded" with the military there
      in Iraq as the truth is beginning to come out
      of stories such as these. How many have as
      yet not been able to see the light of day?

      As should be obvious to anyone, the images
      we see of thousands of bombs dropped on
      Iraq, civilians killed by Marines, and now the
      alleged fragging of officers by a member of
      the military strongly suggests a force which
      is deeply stressed, and that's putting it quite
      mildly. There's an interview with the imam of
      the mosque at which the alleged fragger had
      worshiped as a child, along with much more
      war coverage on Pacifica's Democary Now!

      Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque
      continues his international tour of states in the
      former Soviet Union. Cuba has positive relations
      with many of these states.

      Marta Lomas, Cuba's Minister for Foreign
      Investment is visiting Qatar where economic
      ties are continuing to develop. Granma has an
      editorial about that in today's issue.

      (Qater is, of course, the home country of the
      independent Arabic television network called
      Al-Jazeerah. For having published images of
      the captures US soldiers and other topics the
      US military doesn't like, Al-Jazeera has been
      banned from the New York Stock Exchange
      and the NASDAQ exchange.)

      Inside the United States, pressure to end the
      blockade of Cuba continues, despite extensive
      efforts to prevent this by Washington and its
      rightist Cuban exile allies. A feature on Senator
      Max Baucus, a key Senatorial sponsor of anti-
      blockade (he calls it "embargo) is included in
      today's materials.

      Washington has released a nearly SIXTEEN
      THOUSAND WORD report alleging human
      rights violations against various people on
      the island over the past year. This is an
      extraordinary claim at time when the author
      of this report is dropping thousands of tons
      of bombs on Iraq and killing Iraqi civilians.

      Echoing this, the Cuban exiles are working
      hard to block normalization of relations
      between the countries though stories of the
      alleged violations of human rights in Cuba.
      A selection of these stories is also made
      available through the CubaNews list.

      To follow the Cuban Revolution, please copy,
      cut and paste this into a new e-mail and send
      it to any one interested, and post it to e-mail
      lists where interested readers may be found.

      Thanks very much,

      Walter Lippmann, Moderator
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