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Vancouver, BC: Report & Photos: Jan. 5 Action to Free the Cuban 5!

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  • noah fine
    Free the Cuban 5 Committee-Vancouver 604-719-6947 | freethe5vancouver@gmail.com www.freethe5vancouver.ca   ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~
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      Free the Cuban 5
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      Report &
      JANUARY 5TH -
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      To see photos
      from the January 5th Vancouver action, please visit:

      On Saturday January 5th, people around the world took action calling for the
      freedom of the Cuban 5 political prisoners imprisoned in the United States. In
      Vancouver, Canada, supporters of the Cuban 5 gathered in the heart of downtown
      for the 86th consecutive monthly protest demanding, “Free the Cuban 5 Now!”
      This also marked the 7 year anniversary of the monthly protest campaign in

      The International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 had also called for
      a day of social media outreach titled, “Simultaneous Tweets for the Cuban 5”.
      Thousands of people around the world used the social media site Twitter to send
      and receive messages demanding freedom of Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez,
      Ramón Labañino, Gerardo Hernandez and René Gonzalez, the Cuban 5. Many were
      addressed directly to US President Barack Obama.

      In Vancouver, the Free the Cuban 5 Committee set up a computer at the
      information table where passers-by and supporters could take part in the
      “Simultaneous Tweets for the Cuban 5” directly from the streets of Vancouver
      and the protest itself.

      Participants held signs and also energetically chanted slogans in support of
      the Cuban 5 Heroes. As well, for more than three hours distributing information
      about the case of Cuban 5 Heroes and asking those passing by to sign postcards
      addressed to Obama demanding, “Free the Cuban 5 Now!”

      People also gathered to listen to speakers such as David Whittlesey, a veteran
      US civil rights activist and now an organizer with the Free the Cuban 5
      Committee-Vancouver. Sarah Alwell, also an organizer with the Committee, read New
      Year's greetings written by Rene Gonzalez, one of the Cuban Five.

      Alicia Jrapko, Coordinator of the International Committee to Free the Cuban 5,
      spoke via telephone from San Francisco. She gave an update on the huge
      international response to the “Simultaneous Tweets for the Cuban 5” campaign
      and thanked the Free the Cuban 5 Committee-Vancouver for organizing the first
      protest around the world for the Cuban 5 this year.

      Next up, Vancouver hip hop artist and Cuban 5 supporter, Joose Justis,
      performed and worked the chant, “Free the 5!” into every one of his songs.

      Thomas Davies, Executive Committee member of Vancouver Communities in
      Solidarity with Cuba, and recent delegate to the 8th Annual International
      Colloquium to Free the Cuban 5 in Holguin, Cuba, spoke next. Thomas emphasized,
      “Support for the Cuban 5 has grown in Vancouver as it has in all corners of the
      world. Let’s work together to make 2013 a year to re-double our efforts to Free
      the Cuban 5!”

      The Free the Cuban 5 Committee-Vancouver Coordinator, Noah Fine, wrapped up the
      protest program by reaffirming that the Committee will to continue protesting
      every month until all 5 Cuban Heroes are free and at home with their loved ones
      in Cuba.

      January 5th was another step forward in the growing international campaign to
      Free the Cuban 5. We invite everyone to join us to be part of this great
      struggle for the human rights of the 5 Cuban Heroes!

      Check www.freethe5vancouver.ca for updates on upcoming actions, and follow us on Twitter: @Freethe5_Van
      Free the Cuban 5 Committee-Vancouver
      604-719-6947 |
      freethe5vancouver@... | www.freethe5vancouver.ca
      Twitter: @Freethe5_Van
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/22825164484/?fref=ts

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