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Further Comments on Saney article from Caribbean bloggers

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  • Norman Girvan
    Isaac s article has generated favourable comment on my blog--please see attached. Norman Norman - Ravi Mulchansingh on November 28th, 2012 at 6:51
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28 12:33 PM
      Isaac's article has generated favourable comment on my blog--please see


      - Ravi Mulchansingh on November 28th, 2012 at 6:51

      The significance of the defeat of South African,US backed forces,by the
      Cuban and Angolan is not generally known here. In fact the US independence
      legend is known by our �half-educated� � we still do not understand they
      were not fighting for freedom as the US claims, but they were fighting to
      keep the profits of their colony for themselves � this profit though
      depended on genocide of the native population and the enslavement Africans!
      It should be a source of pride to all Caribbean persons. I first came
      across this blow against imperialism,more than a decade after it happened �
      an article discussing why Nelson Mandela hugged Fidel Castro at his
      inauguration ceremony,while a handshake was reserved for all the other
      world leaders present. A proud moment for the people of Africa and the
      Caribbean. My Caribbean pride was dented a bit,when I learned that the Eric
      Williams led government of my country succumbed to pressure from the US and
      refused to refuel the Cuban planes � so well explained by Caribbean icon
      Bob Marley, �when you gonna get some food huh brother gotta be your enemy�
      (Ambush in the night)
      - Lynden on November 28th, 2012 at 10:15

      (In reply to Ravi) Your point is well taken. We � in the Caribbean � can
      recite the US national anthem and name every State capital of the Union.
      Yet, what do we know of each other? Cuba�s selfless assistance to Africa
      ever since the triumph of the Revolution should be a source of immense
      pride for the entire Caribbean. Too many of us remain aloof, disdainful,
      suspicious and even condemnatory of all that Cuba has done for herself; for
      Africa and for us, in terms of educational and medical assistance. It is
      good that we have stood by Cuba politically in her battles against the
      United States embargo. Caribbean people must go one step further in
      embracing Cuba AS ONE OF US; a sister country with so much to offer and in
      need of our solidarity. Viva Cuba!!

      Norman Girvan
      Professor Emeritus, UWI (Trinidad)
      (868) 628-9429 (H); (868) 782-9260 (C)
      Internet http://www.normangirvan.info
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