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LAHT: Cuba Releases New Photos of Chavez Rehabbing

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  • walterlx
    LATIN AMERICAN HERALD TRIBUNE July 3, 2011 Cuba Releases New Photos of Chavez Rehabbing
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      July 3, 2011

      Cuba Releases New Photos of Chavez Rehabbing


      HAVANA – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez begins his daily rehabilitation regimen with a walk after the recent surgeries he underwent in Havana, the official Cubadebate Web site reported Sunday.

      The Web site posted several photographs of the South American leader during his morning exercise activities.

      "As part of the routine for his recovery" doctors prescribed for Chavez a daily walk lasting 10 minutes," Cubadebate said, adding that the Venezuelan "is following with discipline" his exercise orders.

      The photos were taken on Friday during one of those walks and show Chavez in the company of his foreign minister, Nicolas Maduro, his daughters Maria Gabriela and Rosa Virginia, and one of the doctors attending him whose name has not been released.

      In the images, Chavez can be seen walking along a pathway in a track suit chatting and evidently in good spirits in a grassy and lightly wooded area, presumably the grounds of a medical facility, at the place where he is recovering.

      Chavez has been in Cuba for the past three weeks, during which time he has undergone two operations, one of which was to remove an "abscessed tumor," according to what he said last Thursday in a televised message in which he admitted that he had cancer.

      Chavez posted messages Sunday on his Twitter account for Venezuela's young people, who are marching celebrate the country's independence bicentennial and to show their support for the president.

      "What Bolivarian youth! I see you, I hear you, I'm living you! Let's say with Bolivar, 200 years later: "To hesitate is to lose ourselves. We will overcome, my kids!" Chavez said in a post on Twitter.

      The president sent another message saying: "Here I am, doing my daily exercises and receiving that bath of love that is coming to me from that Great Youth March! It's the best medicine!"

      Maduro, for his part, said Sunday that the tumor Chavez had in his pelvic area was "completely" removed "in time," and the president is beginning an "almost miraculous" recovery process.

      "This cancerous tumor was detected in time; this tumor was able to be removed ... completely. He has begun an almost miraculous process, upward, of physical recovery, of his strength, of his health," Maduro told Televen.

      The president's vital organs are in perfect shape after the second operation he underwent in the Cuban capital to remove the tumor, after having been operated on initially on June 10 for a pelvic abscess, the foreign minister said.

      "After the second operation, a difficult trauma began," Maduro said, adding that the president's recovery "was slow during the first four or five days" and that starting at that point he began to walk and to adhere to a diet and a medical plan that has in the meantime allowed him to move into a marked recovery process.
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