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Felipe Stuart: Rafael Correa survives coup attempt

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    From: Felipe Stuart C [Edit Address Book] To: Felipe Stuart Subject: [GreenLeft_discussion] Rafael Correa
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2010
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      Subject: [GreenLeft_discussion] Rafael Correa survives coup attempt
      Date: Sep 30, 2010 9:26 PM

      I have been watching live on TeleSur the startling and almost incredible battle between the sector of the army that opposed the coup and the coup forces of the police, and later the rescue of Rafael Correa and his stirring speech to a massive support rally in front of the Presidential Palace. Fidel was right when he predicted earlier today that the coup attempt would fail. It failed for two reasons -- one decisive leading to the other. First, a mass mobilization in defence of democracy, the Presidency, and the revolutionary process. Second, the army after some hesitation and significant delay felt the heat of the mass movement and the rapid response of mass movements and governments in Indo-Carib-Latin America, and chose to block the police backed coup.

      It is important to note that the Obama administration at first refused to denounce the coup attempt. The State Department merely stated that it was watching carefully the events, no doubt hoping that Correa would perish before they had to play their card. Later, at the OAS, the US and Canada, felt compelled to support "constitutional" order in Ecuador. Things didn't go so well for them as in Honduras last year.

      There is every reason to conclude that the US embassy was involved in this attempt on Correa's government and life. The inner mechanics of this conspiracy remain to be clarified, but there can be little doubt that ex-president Lucio Gutiérrez is clearly involved. No doubt a saliva swab on him would find the DNA of the US Ambassador in evidence.

      This confrontation, a total misfire, now constitutes an historic challenge to the leadership of the anti-imperialist and revolutionary democratic struggle in Ecuador -- to strike boldly at the counterrevolution by deepening and extending revolutionary action against the oligarchy and imperialist domination.

      Another battle on our side of the ledger -- but the struggle continues, enlivened once again by a spontaneous and massive intervention of popular sectors.

      Mass solidarity actions broke out all over the hemisphere south of the Rio Bravo. Most inspiring for me was the immediate mobilization of the Honduran Resistance, many thousands who took to the streets in defiance of government sponsored death squads. Their national leader´s [ex President Zelaya] voice was one of the first to be heard among international leaders, a solidarity appeal that had special poignancy throughout the hemisphere and no doubt all the more so in Ecuador.

      ¡Que viva Rafael Correa! Obama, Hands Off Ecuador!

      President Correa is now giving a press conference. I need to sign off.

      Felipe Stuart
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