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GRANMA: The Memory of the World Begins At Home

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    GRANMA June 30th, 2010 The Memory of the World Begins At Home PEDRO DE LA HOZ Jose Marti´s works as well as those documental and literary testimonies on
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      June 30th, 2010

      The Memory of the World Begins At Home


      Jose Marti´s works as well as those documental and literary testimonies on Ernesto Che Guevara´s life and work were yesterday registered in the National Registry of the Memory of the World.

      The negatives of the Latin American ICAIC News, the journey En canoa del Amazonas al Caribe, the surveyor Serafín Sánchez Govín´s historic files and the historical exponents of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, which was the venue for this important act, were also registered.

      ALFREDO GUEVARA presented the DIRECTOR GENERAL of the Cuban hotel nacional, ANTONIO MARTÍNEZ, with the CERTIFICATE AccreditING this institution in the national registry of the memory of the world.

      This document, which meets all the requirements of United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), acknowledged the efforts of this institution to preserve and promote accumulations and collections as part of the national heritage.

      On this issue, Dr. Berarda Salabarría, director of the Registry, briefed participants on the historical and universal significance of the Jose Marti Perez Fund, sponsored by the Jose Marti´s Research Center. The other project has also been possible thanks to the dedication of the Ernesto Che Guevara Center to preserve, classify and research those documents and testimonies written by this oustanding fighter.

      Salabarría also referred to those documents on the preparation and fullfillment of the 1987 journey performed by Cuban geographer Antonio Núñez Jiménez in order to re-edit the indigenous migrations to the Caribbean a long time before Europeans arrived in America. Maps and settlements recording the Cuban agrarian properties throughout two centuries filed by Sanchez Govin were also included. Such documents preserved and guarded by the Antonio Núñez Foundation for Man and Nature, can also be found in the Regional Registry.

      In an attempt to certify those documents of the Cuban National Hotel, they took into account the way generations of workers in this tourist facility had preserved those photos and testimonies on personalities and historical events over in the last eight decades.

      In the case of the ICAIC Latin American News founded by Alfredo Guevara and directed by Santiago Alvarez for three decades, participants recognized the value of those images of important events in Cuban history and the Third World at that time.

      Both the José Martí Pérez Fund and the ICAIC News had been registered in 2005 and 2009 respectively, in the International Registry of the Memory of the World.

      At the end of the ceremony, attended by UNEAC president Miguel Barnet, ambassador Juan Antonio Fernández, the UNESCO Cuban National Commission president, said that the inclusion of these accumulations and collections in the National Registry is recognition and a commitment with future generations.
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