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CUBANOW: Olga Tañón does not regret having sung in Cuba

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    Olga Tañón does not regret having sung in Cuba By: Katia Montegudo October 01, 2009 A week after singer Olga Tañón visited Cuba, the boricua stands her
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      Olga Tañón does not regret having sung in Cuba
      By: Katia Montegudo

      October 01, 2009

      A week after singer Olga Tañón visited Cuba, the boricua stands her ground and assures not feeling regretful about having sung for more than a million Cubans last September 20th, on the eve of the International Day of Peace, at the well-known Plaza de la Revolución (Square of the Revolution), in the capital of the Caribbean island.

      "Yes, we cried, but when you find it hard to do something, and you see a million people in front of your face, you know you did the right thing", Tañón said. "It has been wonderful. Peace without borders was a success. And yes, it is real, and I feel it's time to change for Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the whole world. And to start over again and push the country forward", she added.

      "I cried when I arrived and when I left, but what cheered me the most was the fact that people in Cuba know me since my first years in music, back in 1992", she declared.

      "At the end of the concert we hugged, congratulated ourselves and said we had done it", she remembered. She also thanked Puerto Rico for the support she received through messages and letters, because in spite of all the criticism, the purpose of the concert was "to give a lot of peace to Cuba".

      Tañón said to be willing to take part in a similar concert in 2010 in the border cities of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) and El Paso (United States), which live the drama of illegal immigration and drug-dealing.

      The singer, after her presentation in Havana, has scheduled the shooting of a new video clip, with the song Carita Linda (Pretty Face), with the boricua merengue band Grupomanía at the Plaza del Mercado, in Santurce's urban zone. Right after that, she would travel to Washington D.C., where she will participate at the Hispanic Heritage Festival, in which she shall sing and be granted the Award to the Arts. In the festival, the band Maná, boxer Oscar de la Hoya, and painter Romero Britto, will also be distinguished for their professional accomplishments and their works in favor of the Latin-American community.

      The Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón was the first artist to arrive in Havana of the non-Cubans who were invited to the Peace without borders concert, and since she set foot on Cuban soil she said she had come here to sing and not to get involved in politics. She also assured to feel privileged to perform in the same stage where Pope John Paul II celebrated his historical mass in 1998.

      The singer's music is quite popular in the Island. During her performance, those present in the show sang together her most famous songs: Cuando tú no estás (When you are not here) and Cómo olvidar (How to forget). Tañón had wished for a long time to come to the Island. She knew of her popularity in this country.

      Considering Colombian Juanes's offer, she did not miss the opportunity. "I wanted to come and play, even if it were under a palm tree, with this people because that's my essence, where I come from", she commented.

      When I knew there were so many people listed for the concert on September 20th and that suddenly everybody had left Juanes along, when he asked me not to leave him, I answered: "I'm not leaving you, because I don't have any reason to fight anyone", she restated at her arrival to Havana.

      "Cuba is so similar to Puerto Rico…", also commented Olga Tañón. She thanked as well the admiration for her work and her music. "I thank you all because obviously I'm here for this people. This is my first concert, but I feel lots will come after this one", the singer repeated.

      In addition, the famous Puerto Rican merengue and ballad singer toured the capital of the Island. She had an encounter with the students of the Amadeo Roldán Music Conservatory.

      Olga Tañón is one of the most successful exponents in the world of merengue and Hispanic pop; besides, she represents the model of the working, successful woman who never gives up and who is always looking for new challenges.

      Being a five-time winner of the Grammy, she has been a power in the Latin music since she recorded her first album as a soloist in 1992, after beginning with the bands Las Nenas de Ringo and Jossie y Chantelle.

      Having already become an international artist, in 1999 Olga presents her record production Te Acordarás de Mí (You will remember me), produced by Master Rudy Pérez. This record includes a duet with Cristian Castro, Escondidos (Hidden), which became a super hit throughout Latin America.

      In 2001 she became the first Puerto Rican artist to receive the statue of the Academy of Arts and Science for her double album Olga viva, viva Olga. For 2002 she was the first female Latin artist to obtain the Grammy two years in a row. That same year, she received the Billboard Award to the Best Merengue Album for Yo por ti.

      Olga's most recent work is the theme Viviré por Ti, a song she performs with tenor singer Nathan Pacheco and pianist Yanni, this melody appears in the pianist's most recent record.

      This year, awards could not be missing and so she obtained two Lo Nuestro Awards in the categories of Year's Female Tropical Artist and Year's Tropical Merengue Artist, as well as gaining another prize as an acknowledgement for her artistic career.

      With millions of copies sold around the world, Olga is a talent that came to stay. Her performance of genres such as merenge, ballads, pop and salsa makes her a complete, one-of-a-kind artist.
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