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Prensa Latina - Direct from Havana, PM - September 1, 2009

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    DIRECT FROM HAVANA, CUBA LATIN AMERICAN NEWS AGENCY, SA P R E N S A L A T I N A Reactions? Questions? Comments? plcomercial@prensa-latina.cu Evening
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      P R E N S A L A T I N A
      Reactions? Questions? Comments?
      Evening Transmission
      Monday, Sep 1, 2009

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      USA Denies Visa to Wife of Cuban Antiterrorist

      Ecuador, Colombia FMs Will Meet in September
      Venezuela to Present Videos on Destabilizing Plan
      Argentinean Rural Employer Orgs on Strike
      El Salvador President to Visit Brazil Soon
      Demands for an Equitative System
      Thousands Flee Mexico Coast as Jimena Nears


      Portuguese Saramago Prepares New Book
      H1N1 Vaccination Campaign in Italy
      Spanish Opposition Insists on Denounces



      USA Denies Visa to Wife of Cuban Antiterrorist

      Havana, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) The US government has kept its visa denial to Adriana Perez, wife of one of the five Cuban antiterrorists jailed in the United States, falling into a violation of its own legislation. Cuerpo : Barrack Obama's administration has kept the practices of his predecessor George W. Bush, not granting permission to the wife of Gerardo Hernandez, who was sentenced to double life plus 15 year of imprisonment in that country.

      According to the Cubadebate website, in a letter sent to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Cuban Ambassador to this authority Abelardo Moreno demanded a humanitarian visa to Perez from the US government.

      After waiting for 95 days, the US Interest Section in Havana denied on July 15 the visa to Adriana Perez for the 10th time, with the "harsh argument" that "she is a threat to national stability and security of the United States," the diplomat recalled.

      This was a shameful confirmation that current State Secretary Hillary Clinton is using the same argument that her predecessor Condoleezza Rice, said the mentioned text.

      It also said that the United States is breaking its own legislation and ignoring its international duties.

      This denial is also an act of torture against Gerardo Hernandez and his family members.

      ef iom dsa



      Ecuador, Colombia FMs Will Meet in September

      Quito, Sept 1 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Ministers of Ecuador and Colombia plan to meet in September to analyze points of consensus and conflict between both countries to re-establish diplomatic relations, announced chancellor Fander Falconi. Cuerpo : He considered the recently concluded Extraordinary Summit of the Union of South American nations (UNASUR) in the Argentine city of Bariloche as positive and strengthened an alternative of peace in the nation that could have led to an arms race.

      The Summit debated extension of a military agreement between Colombia and the United States that allows US soldiers to use the bases and decided to declare a peace zone in the region and not recognize extraterritorial principles.

      Regarding these bases Quito is willing to hold talks with Bogota but must also debate the subject of minimum requisites set forth by President Rafael Correa, Falconi commented.

      He explained that both his agenda and that of his Colombian counterpart, Jaime Bermudez, are complex but he was confident that a date in September could be found to “explore beginnings of a dialogue.”

      Both countries have broken diplomatic ties since March of this year after an incursion of the Colombian Army into Ecuadorian territory to destroy a base of the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), as an act condemned internationally as a violation of the sovereignty of this nation.

      For the talks to begin it requires mediation by the specialized Carter Center or of the Organization of American States and will request it together. But we expect talks scheduled to begin be more constructive bilaterally, explained the minister.

      The high level meeting in Bariloche made clear that foreign military forces cannot threaten the integrity and sovereignty of the nations of the region and declared that the South American Council of Defense was the institution that should evaluate the situation in the borders with Colombia.

      ef avp prl

      Venezuela to Present Videos on Destabilizing Plan

      Caracas, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Capital District Parliamentary Bloc Deputies will present videos on Tuesday to the Republic's Attorney General's Office, showing top officials of the Metropolitan City Hall in destabilizing actions. Cuerpo : "The videos prove that shock or armed groups against members of the parties opposed to them," metropolitan Councilman Alexander Nebreda told the media on Tuesday.

      According to Nebreda, the brains behind those incidents is Metropolitan Mayor Antonio Ledezma , while others involved are Caracas Prefect Richard Blanco and opposition political leader Oscar Perez.

      The video also shows actions on August 26 at the central area of Caracas, during a demonstration by workers.

      Attorney General Luisa Ortega warned that those who disturb public peace and attack the democratic system will be indicted for trial.

      She said those behaviors match with the crime of civil rebellion, for which those involved could be sentenced from 12 to 24 years of imprisonment.

      ef iom rsm

      Argentinean Rural Employer Orgs on Strike

      Buenos Aires, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) The weekly strike decreed by four Argentinean rural employer organizations in the so-called Linking Table continued Tuesday with intermittent cuts in important highways of the country and the uncertainty as to when they will end. Cuerpo : From the town of Olavarría, in the southwest of the county of Buenos Aires, reports said there were tire burns on the roads and the intermittent interruption of the traffic, because the activists of the so-called "self-convoked producers" only allow the step of passengers' vehicles and with non agricultural loads.

      Meanwhile, inside the top of the Linking Table and from the base organizations there is contradictory information on the duration of the measure.

      The president of the local Agrarian Federation (FAA), Eduardo Buzzi, said that it will conclude next Friday as it had been agreed, but his colleague of the Argentinean Rural Society (SRA), Hugo Biolcati, suggested the possibility to extend it one more week.

      Buzzi stands out that it would not make sense to continue the strike, because that would put the sector in a very high situation of irrationality, since the scarce obtained support could decrease even more.

      Biolcati, on the other hand, alleges a supposition desire to prolong the strike at least up to September 8, Day of the Farmer, and he added that everything will depend on the government's reaction, to which he accused of not giving signs of wanting to propitiate a solution to the conflict.

      The hostility of the Linking Table dates from March 2008 when the government adopted a decree by means of which new retentions to the exports of grains were imposed to finance social programs, which was rejected by the farmers.

      From then on frequent actions caused the temporary paralyzation of the country and lack of supply in several moments, a situation that could be reissued if the current strike continues to impede the commercialization of grains and livestock for meat.

      The action was carried out last Friday, when President Cristina Fernández vetoed one of the articles of the Law of Agricultural Emergency adopted by the Congress on August 25, to include a reduction and even the elimination of the retentions in numerous agricultural producing districts of the country.

      An assembly in the town of Bolívar, county of Buenos Aires, considered Monday to adopt stronger measures of confrontation against the government since they consider that those of the Linking Table are just too much a few and ineffective and they proposed a march with saucepans to the Square of May, in the heart of this capital, for the Farmer's Day.

      ef tac rmh

      El Salvador President to Visit Brazil Soon

      Salvador, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) El Salvador President Mauricio Funes will officially visit Brazil on coming Sept. 9, to meet with his peer Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva and ink cooperation agreements in different sectors. Cuerpo : The official visit is mainly aimed at ensuring that Brazil opens in El Salvador a Governmental Office for Agricultural Support, which would boom agricultural development in the country, Funes said.

      The President will sign an agreement in the area of health, in order to make easier the generic medicine imports from Brazil.

      Salvadorian President will travel accompanied by a delegation of businessmen, with the objective of boosting bilateral trade.

      ef gdb carSELA: Demands for an Equitative System

      Caracas, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Participants in a fórum of the Latin American Economic System (SELA) demanded here today reforms to the international financial mechanism, which they attributed to the current crisis in the sector. Cuerpo : At the inauguration of the meeting held in the permanent secretariat headquarters, in theTorre Europa of the capital, the representative of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Alfredo Calcagno spoke in favor of a new structure capable of facing the difficulties.

      We need changes to achieve the birth of a stable economic system whose adjustments don´t let its weight fall on developing countries, he stressed.

      According to the official, current financial formulas respond to crises with policies which instead of alleviating them, they make them worse.

      He urged for regional integrated responses and the stand of evaluating more the investment than consumption and speculation. The measures we don´t put into practice now, they will be impossible to adopt later. According to Calcagno, only in that way can we aspire to have a future with less unequitative societies.

      However, the UNCTAD expert admitted the impossibility of achieving this in the short or medium terms.

      There will be much resistance to a reform of the current global economic order, so the way out is not to do nothing but work in national and regional actions, he affirmed.

      A similar opinión was expressed by the Permanent Secretary of SELA, Jose Rivera Banuet, who estimated as difficult a quick recovery from the financial damages extended to other sectors. The two-day meeting of the group formed by 27 nations debates in Caracas comprehensive solutions to the crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean.

      ef wmr

      Thousands Flee Mexico Coast as Jimena Nears

      Mexico, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Mexican residents are fleeing the Baja California Peninsula as Hurricane Jimena nears, packing winds of 155 mph, expected to reach the Los Cabos resort area later on Tuesday or early Wednesday, forecasters say. Cuerpo : Meteorologists put Jimena early today at a Category Four on the one-to-five Saffir-Simpson scale, but noted the storm was "very near the threshold of Category Five status", according to authorities.

      Government Secretary of the State Luis Armando Diaz said a huge number of residents in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas have been already relocated in safe shelters.

      Some 159 storm shelters are ready to accommodate 29,000 more people all along Mexico´s Baja California Peninsula, he added.

      Police, firefighters and navy personnel have been going through slum areas, from the states of Baja California, Sonora and Jalisco.

      Weather forecasters said Jimena could produce up to 15 inches of rain in isolated areas, and a total of five to 10 inches over the southern half of the Baja California peninsula and parts of western Mexico on Tuesday and Wednesday.

      The center of the hurricane was located 185 miles south of Cabo San Lucas Tuesday. It was moving north-northwestward at about 12 miles per hour and will approach the southern portion of Baja California later Tuesday.

      Although Jimena's strength would fluctuate in the coming days, it was expected to make landfall as a major hurricane, according to the NHC, which warned that a "dangerous storm surge" with "battering waves" could bring significant flooding along the peninsula.

      Flooding and landslides were reported over the weekend in southern Mexican states as the hurricane churned its way up the Pacific coast.

      ef gdb ggr


      Portuguese Saramago Prepares New Book

      Lisbon, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Portuguese writer Jose Saramago nostalgically brought his webpage on www.josesaramago.org entitled "El Cudareno de Saramago" to a close on Tuesday, a space for comments and reflections over a world that like he said is in crisis. Cuerpo : His farewell was short and brief, but not that definite as he primarily said. At last he did gave us a hope: "there is no need of being so extremist", he commented. "If I ever feel the need of writing about something, I will go over this space on internet, the most comfortable place for me to express myself".

      This space on internet was opened on Sept. 15, 2008, due to the need of taking part in the happenings and contradictions that bear down the end of the last century and the beginnings of the current one in which he lived. Saramago have captivated his readers with his polished and refined lucidity.

      He spoke of his reasons to do so, which are no others but the new book to which he dedicates all his time, energy and passion, aging 86 now, and after a health problem he suffered in late 2007, which as he confessed put him closed to death.

      ef gdb ag

      H1N1 Vaccination Campaign in Italy

      Rome, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Nearly 24 million people in Italy will be immunized against the influenza virus A (H1N1) in mid November, Health Protection and Prevention Department general director Fabrizio Oleari announced Tuesday. Cuerpo : The official assured 48 million vaccines are ready, which will be distributed in two parts, prioritizing those deemed at high-risk of contracting the H1N1 swine-flu virus like health personnel, police agents and firefighters.

      According to Oleari, this program includes the gradual use of new doses until early 2010 to fight the virus A (H1N1), which has already killed more than 3,200 people all around the world.

      European nations remain on alert due to the high infection risk and the rapid spreading of the disease mainly in this time of the year, as well the likeable increase of deaths after the arrival of fall.

      ef gdb ls

      Spanish Opposition Insists on Denounces

      Madrid, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Coincidently with the start of political debates in Spain, opposition Popular Party (PP) reactivated its imputations on a possible probe against PP by the Spanish central government. Cuerpo : PP secretary general in the Valencian Community, Ricardo Costa, announced the presentation of a demand on the courts on a possible harassing from the government.

      Costa also informed PP will request the appearance in the Valencian Paliament of Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, Spanish First Vice President, and the Attorney General, Candido Conde.

      Costa insisted Tuesday on the statements regarding hypotetical illegal telephone hearings against members of his group.

      PP general secretary Maria Dolores de Cospedal blamed government Spanish Socialist Working Party (PSOE) on August 7, for the telephone hearings to PP leaders.

      She warned these hearings should have been made by the Judicial Police and somebody else´s instructions, but she did not give any strong details on the fact.

      Interior Minister Antonio Camacho said that no one can impose such infractions to nobody, without any proof or evidence. This was criticized by some other leaders, who consider it a distraction from Spain´s other serious national problems.

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