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Re: [CubaNews] IMPORTANT - CUBAN TRIANGLE: Cuba on Obama's terrorism list

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  • bellaestevez@earthlink.net
    Walter: I thought Cuba s Obama Terrorist list meant to be that Cuba is a victim of US and/or Cuban americans terrorism against the island since 1-1-59. I
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2009

      I thought Cuba's Obama Terrorist list meant to be that Cuba is a victim of US and/or Cuban americans terrorism against the island since 1-1-59.

      I believe Mrs. Clinton made a big mistake, which is not unusual. She learned from her husband, Mr. Clinton the guy that betray Cuba and sent to prison the anti-terrorist Cuban 5 ,thanks to the information Fidel sent him about the cuban-american terrorists acting against the island with total impunity and/or under the orders of the CIA.

      Somebody should inform President Obama, though I am not so sure he wants to do anything.

      Jose M. Estevez

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      >Friday, May 1, 2009
      >Cuba on Obama's terrorism list
      >The Obama Administration designated Cuba a “state sponsor of terrorism” yesterday, and Cuba responded by calling the United States an “international criminal.”
      >So we’re even. (AFP stories here and here.)
      >The description of Cuba and the three other “sponsors” in the State Department’s annual terrorism report continues the longstanding practice of using action verbs about current terrorist operations to describe all but Cuba.
      >The three others – Syria, Iran, and Sudan – are described as engaging in “planning and financial support of terrorist attacks,” having “Al-Qa’ida (AQ)-inspired terrorist elements, and elements of both Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and HAMAS” operating in their territory, providing “political and material support to Hizballah,” and the like. The accusation against Cuba is that people who committed terrorism and other crimes some years ago enjoy safe haven in Cuba.
      >The 12,000-word “Western Hemisphere Overview” contains one mention of Cuba, this perfunctory sentence: “Cuba remained a state sponsor of terrorism.” The overview’s entry on Venezuela presents more troubling information than is provided about Cuba. But Cuba is on the “sponsor” list, Venezuela is not.
      >But these are old issues; there are some new elements in the Obama Administration’s Cuba entry. There’s the statement that “Cuba no longer actively supports armed struggle in Latin America and other parts of the world.” There’s the acknowledgement that “some” Spanish ETA members and Colombian guerrillas in Cuba “arrived in Cuba in connection with peace negotiations with the governments of Spain and Colombia.” There’s a citation that “former Cuban President Fidel Castro called on the FARC to release the hostages they were holding without preconditions… [and] also condemned the FARC’s mistreatment of captives and of their abduction of civilian politicians who had no role in the armed conflict.” There’s a statement that the U.S. government “has no evidence of terrorist-related money laundering or terrorist financing activities in Cuba.” There’s acknowledgement that “In keeping with its public declaration, the [Cuban] government has not provided safe haven to any new U.S. fugitives wanted for terrorism since 2006.”
      >One wonders if the door is opening to Cuba’s removal from the “sponsor” list, with this issue being the sticking point: “The Cuban government continued to permit some U.S. fugitives – including members of U.S. militant groups such as the Boricua Popular, or Macheteros, and the Black Liberation Army to live legally in Cuba.”
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