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2No visa for Alarcon (Granma report)

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  • Walter Lippmann
    Aug 29, 2000
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      August 28, 2000
      No visa for Alarcón

      RICARDO Alarcón, president of the National Assembly of People's Power,
      has verified that to date, the United States has not granted him the
      visa he requested to attend the Conference of National Parliamentary
      Presidents, scheduled for this week at the UN headquarters in New

      Speaking at a roundtable on the UN System, its agencies and bodies,
      and the need to reform the Security Council, broadcast live by Cuban
      television on Friday, August 25, Alarcón noted that Cuba was invited
      to that meeting "and we made the necessary application to the United
      States, filling in the very cumbersome form which everybody has to
      fill in," which was delivered to the U.S. Interests Section on July
      25. However, "to date we do not know if we are going to receive the
      visa allowing us to travel there."

      He added that the rumor has been circulating in parliamentary circles
      that the visa in question is going to be refused.

      Alarcón displayed a communication dated August 25 from the secretary
      general of the Interparliamentary Union, informing the U.S. secretary
      of state that this is an event coordinated with the UN, supported by
      various UN General Assembly resolutions, and that the
      Interparliamentary Union Secretariat has been in constant
      communication with the U.S. mission at the UN to ensure that all the
      participants receive visas enabling them to attend the conference.

      To say the least, the Interparliamentary Union has been placed in an
      embarrassing position. It has convened a highly important meeting,
      which never meets if certain of its members are unable to participate,
      and the United States is simply blocking the possibility of a member
      country from being there, thus forcing the Interparliamentary Union
      into an inadmissible situation, the president of the Cuban National
      Assembly added.

      "Any country in the world would be capable of fulfilling its
      international obligations in a more civilized or correct manner than
      the United States. This is proof," he stated. "The Interparliamentary
      Union has held numerous events and no member has ever been prevented
      from participating because the group has always invited everyone, and
      no country on the planet has ever prevented a parliamentary delegation
      from any nation from participating, independently of the relations
      that country might have with the host nation."