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148723PL: Unity Essential in Cuban Re volution, States Ramiro Valdés

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  • Walter Lippmann
    Jul 26, 2014
      Unity Essential in Cuban Revolution, States Ramiro Valdés


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      Havana, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Vice President Ramiro Valdes stated here that the unity of the people has been a determining factor in the achievements of the Revolution, and particularly important in the battle to consolidate a prosperous and sustainable Socialism.

      "We cannot forget that we have get up to this point thanks to the unity of the people, thanks to their confidence in the revolution. That unit should be preserved above all things because we are aware that the fight is not over, it has just changed the way in which they are seeking to destroy us," he asserted.

      He denounced that today unconventional forms of warfare are applied and new technologies are used as a tool of subversion, with young people as their main target.

      "What our enemies do not quite understand is that new generations are the result of this Revolution and they have demonstrated their commitment to continue perfecting and preserving our achievements and gains," he noted.

      Delivering the main speech for the Day of National Rebellion in the young province of Artemisa, west of Havana, Ramiro Valdes recalled the situation of dependency, misery, and inequalities that motivated the actions of July 26, 1953.

      He said July 26 was not a triumph of arms, but rather a victory of morality and dignity, and it gave way to the struggle which led to the Revolutionary triumph five years, five months and five days later.

      He stated that 28 youngsters from Artemisa who participated in these actions, including him, carried the rebellious spirit that characterizes the people in that territory and countrywide.

      For the first time was attained a true sovereignty, the destiny of the country stopped being decided in Washington, the word democracy acquired its true dimension, never again a political assassination or torture occurred, and the institutional bases of discrimination were swept away, he assured.

      Valdes highlighted the achievements of his hometown Artemisa in implementing the updating of the Cuban economic model, noting that the territory is leading the current battle for economic and social development and the building of a prosperous and sustainable Socialism.

      He reaffirmed the demand of the Cuban people for justice for the Cuban Five Heroes unfairly held in 1998 and given harsh prison sentences in the United States for monitoring violent groups based in South Florida.

      "We will not stop for a single moment in our effort to bring them back to their families, to their homeland," he said.

      "After more than 15 years demanding their freedom, our strength lies in the justice of this noble cause and the solidarity support of millions of honest people around the world," he stated.

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