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126136ACN: Cuba Opens New Small Tire Recapping Plants

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  • walterlx
    Sep 3, 2011
      Cuba Opens New Small Tire Recapping Plants

      HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 2 (acn) Cuba opened two new small tire recapping plants: one in the municipality of San Jose de las Lajas, in Mayabeque province, and the other in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

      According to an adviser of the Cuban Basic Industry Ministry, Emilio Rodriguez Fernandez, these new plants, which prolong the useful life of tires and contribute considerably with the Cuban economy, are the result of an investment plan of that ministry to increase its production capacity.

      Rodriguez noted that in spite of benefits, there are still some institutions that do not make the most out of tires and would rather buy new ones in the international markets with very high prices than recap them.

      According to studies by that Cuban ministry, the country only recaps between 30 and 50% of those that can continue being used, which is a very low rate for an importer nation of tires.

      The general secretary of the Jose Antonio Mella Enetrprise Trade Union, in the municipality of Cotorro, in Havana, Angel Luis Vallan, told ACN that tires can be recapped up to three times depending on their conditions.

      Vallan highlighted the work of members of the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizators (ANIR) of the center for keeping active equipments with many years of use.

      According to data from the Union de la Goma (Tires Association), about
      90,000 tires were recapped in 2010, which contributed the Cuban economy with the saving of 13 million dollars.

      During the first semester of this year, tire recapping plants have benefited more than 53,900 tires, exceeding the plan by two per cent, reports the website of the National Information and Statistics Office (ONE).