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118221ACN: Rafael Correa: the Citizen's Revolution Will Go Ahead

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  • walterlx
    Oct 1, 2010
      Rafael Correa: the Citizen's Revolution Will Go Ahead

      HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 1 (acn) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said on Thursday night that the citizen’s Revolution underway in this South American nation will go ahead.

      Speaking to thousands of followers who gathered in front of the Palacio de Carondelet â€"the seat of governmentâ€" to greet him after he was freed by military forces from the police hospital where he was held captive for over 12 hours by members of the national police corps, Correa thanked all those who put their lives at risk to save him, including ministers, parliamentarians, trade union leaders and thousands of people who opposed the coup attempt.

      “I told them I would not give in, that I would not negotiate under pressure and that I would leave that place as the president of a dignified republic or as a corpse,” Correa added.

      “The Ecuadorian people mobilized to support the national government, the citizen’s revolution and democracy. We never gave in, we never accepted to negotiate anything under pressure,” the president told the cheering crowd.

      The Ecuadorian leader noted that it was impressive that part of those who rose up in revolt against him “didn’t do it to fight against a tyrannical government or to face a foreign aggression but to betray the Homeland trying to get certain remuneration.”

      Correa pointed out that, while he was being held captive, he spoke to some 15 members of the police force and none of them had read the law that led them to rebel. “They were dragged into it by rumors and psychological war. No other government has done so much for them as we have,” he emphasized.

      As the crowd shouted: “Lucio, assassin!”, Correa exposed destabilizing plans by Lucio Gutierrez, a retired Colonel and former president of Ecuador (2003-2005) who had to step down from his post due to popular protests.

      As to those involved in the revolt, he said that they will be judged. “There will be no amnesty and the law will not be revoked,” he concluded.