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10349US - Cuba Policy Issues

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    Jul 1, 2002
      Dear friend,

      Greetings from the Washington Office on Latin America. We work in partnership with the Latin America Working Group on U.S.-Cuba policy issues. Mavis Anderson of the LAWG gave me your email so that I could let you know about an important piece of Cuba legislation that is coming up for a vote soon, on which we need your help.

      In the aftermath of several recent strong votes in Congress on Cuba policy, and the hijacking of those victories in House-Senate conferences, we are making a concentrated effort to bolster our vote counts and to create a force that is so overwhelming that House leadership and the White House can no longer steal the legislative victories on Cuba policy.

      Two of the House members on whom we are focusing is from New York: Boehlert (R-NY, 23rd district= Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Herkimer, Madison, Montgomery, Onieda, Ostego, Schohaire); and Walsh (R-NY), 25th district= Onondaga, Cortland, Cyuga, Tioga and Broome counties). That's where you come in! Would you assist us by writing to Rep. Boehlert or Rep. Walsh with your opinions on ending the embargo of Cuba? What we need is evidence of constituent interest in the issue so that, when we visit directly with the Congressmen and their aides, we can pull out copies of letters or e-mails that ask for a change in policy. Congresspeople pay attention to constituents!

      If you aren't in either Mr. Boehlert or Mr. Walsh's districts, please search out friends, colleagues, or family in the district who would be willing to write a letter. It is most important that we receive a copy of your or your friends' correspondence with the Congressman so we can use the letters as leverage in our direct meetings here in Washington. (If you call the office rather than write, please let us know.)

      To contact them:


      Fax: 225-1891

      Email: rep.boehlert@... <mailto:rep.boehlert@...>

      Tel: 225-3665


      Fax: 225-4042

      Email: rep.james.walsh@... <mailto:rep.james.walsh@...>

      Tel: 225-3701

      Or by mail at

      Address: The Honorable Sherwood L. Boehlert OR The Honorable James T. Walsh

      US House of Representatives

      Washington, DC 20510

      Both Representatives Boehlert and Walsh have voted in favor of amendments to end the funding to enforce restrictions on sales of food and medicine and to end the funding to enforce the travel ban. In 2000, Mr. Boehlert took the next step and voted in of de-funding enforcement of the full embargo, but did not vote for this same amendment in 2001. Mr. Walsh has never voted for such a measure. We need you to encourage them to strengthen their positions on changing Cuba policy and to move toward opposing the embargo as a whole. Ask them to support legislation this summer on the Treasury-Postal Appropriations bill that would cut off funding to enforce the entire embargo (to be introduced by Rep. Charles Rangel). We feel strongly that it is possible to get him to take this position--with constituent encouragement and pressure. Please help! Make your voice heard!

      Thanks much for your help. Please get others to contact the Congressmen also, and to copy us with their correspondence. If you want some "talking points" for your correspondence, let us know. And please copy me with your correspondence by e-mailing rfarley@... or by faxing it to 202/797-2172. Feel free to call me with any questions at 202/797-2171.

      Many thanks,

      Rachel Farley

      Washington Office on Latin America

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