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  • Michael E. Kerr
    http://thecrossesoflafayette.com/ The Crosses of Lafayette represent a public demonstration of the number of United States Soldiers who have died in Iraq since
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2006
      The Crosses of Lafayette represent a public demonstration of the number of United States Soldiers who have died in Iraq since the beginning of the war.  The crosses signify a memorial to those soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in the service of our country. The crosses are not intended to representation a religious affiliation. The authors of this project and website support exploring the causes of war, finding a way to swiftly end the present conflict, and prevent future wars from ever happening.
      We realize that many people who see the crosses on the hillside directly north of the Lafayette California Bart/Metro Station will possibly feel the stirring of many different emotions. I can assure you that is our primary goal and intent.
      Whether you support the war in Iraq or are against the war, it is clear that a majority of the citizens of the United States of America lack awareness of the devastating effects to the families that have lost love ones due to the war. It is our goal to create an available memorial where the grief that naturally comes when a loved one is lost in battle can be experienced. I recently constructed the first few concrete crosses that are to be placed on the hillside, and the sorrow I have felt as a result of my endeavor has been profoundly moving.
      The ability to undergo a period of mourning about an event in history often becomes the primary motivation for future change. It is apparent that if enough of us felt strongly compelled to bring an end to the war in Iraq, an acceptable way to end the war would be the result.
      Some of us who view the crosses may especially feel heartache for the children, wives, parents, relatives and friends of those who have perished in Iraq. Some may feel sadness for the hundred thousand Iraq’s who have died as a result of the war. Some will be reminded of those 21,077 soldiers who have been wounded. Some will feel guilt or foreboding about those who are presently far away from home and risking their lives and sanity for our self interest, while the rest of us are able to drive or Bart to work each day in the relative safety and comfort of the United States of America.
      Our goal is to place one cross for each slain soldier or approximately 2829 as of this writing. Once all 2829 crosses are placed, than we will continue to place additional crosses as news from Iraq comes to us about those lost in battle or in hospitals from battle field wounds.
      Anyone interested in donating money for the purchase of materials to build all of the crosses or other burial  symbols for the Lafayette Iraq War Memorial are encouraged to do. As well we are hoping that a number of individuals and groups will come forward with donations of their time and energy to build and place crosses on the hillside bordering the Lafayette Bart Station.  
      Those interested in participating can contact myself at JeffHeaton@....
      This is not a permanent war memorial. I have the assurance of Johnson and Louise Clark that we may use their Deer Hill Road hillside for this endeavor for a minimum of three years.
      We are also encouraging those who drive by The Crosses  of Lafayette on HWY 24 to slow down to 55mph as a salute and tribute to the bravery of the soldiers who gave up their lives in battle for our freedom to live in peace. It is our belief that if everyone in North America where to slow down to 55mph that our need to import oil from the middle east would drop significantly.

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