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  • Paul
    Aug 18, 2014
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      need a Crosley powered military surplus generator for backup at the station and a Crosley powered irrigation pump to fill the portable swimming pool from the body of water, gotta keep the pumpers supplied. maybe a second generator to take lighting to working fires and rescues after dark. how far can we take this? an airstrip and a Mighty Mite to spot forest fires? Crosley beat cars for the po-po might work, ambulances and paddy wagons are a stretch (sic) though. now a Pepco supercharged 55 cubic incher for a highway patrol cruiser would make the song "beep beep" seem passe. I better stop before I get us all in trouble.  paul who had fun, fun, fun 'til his daddy took the Hot Shot away. hey little CoBra don't you know you're gonna shut 'em down.

      On 8/18/2014 3:56 PM, Gene Smith e.llewellyn.smith@... [Crosley_Gang] wrote:
      It occurs to me that only one thing would make it better…and that would be having your Crosley Fire Station close to the water, so you could stroll down to the dock where your Crosley Fire Boat was moored…
      Gene Smith

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