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30309Re: [Crosley_Gang] CROSLEY PHIRE TRUCK

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  • Gene Smith
    Aug 18, 2014
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      The other possibility that occurred to me that also suits your description of the auction is that the seller is the widow of the previous owner of the vehicle. The auction title “Parade Crosley” also would fit that situation - a spouse who had no idea that the car had any other application or possible use.

      Gene Smith
      who always feels a little weird when he finds nice shoes at a resale shop, and realizes they probably aren’t there because somebody was just cleaning out their closet...

      On Aug 17, 2014, at 2:58 PM, Paul bikertrash@... [Crosley_Gang] <Crosley_Gang@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Gene and all, 
      you could be right about hoping to keep it in a Shriner stable somewhere, but this is the only auction this seller has ever done. he joined e-bay on June 23 this year and listed this Crosley  14 days later on August 6. I looked at his history, no other auctions before or since. no matter what his intentions, he was inexperienced, he listed it without a reserve. the total 11 bids came from 3 bidders, one who dropped out early. the first bidder was the eventual winner, he raised his proxy a couple of times and was only outbid the evening before the auction ended. he was determined and was awake at 4:20 am California time to raise his bid, then raised it again at 5:05, 45 minutes before the auction was over. I'm guessing his proxy was near or over 1K then, he is not inexperienced and wanted the truck.  do the rear panels say it was built from a roundside  pick-up like I think or were they added to a sedan? I'm not familiar enough with CC models to be certain.  let's go cruising,  who wants to ride rear steer on the tractor seat?    paul

      On 8/17/2014 2:48 PM, Gene Smith e.llewellyn.smith@... [Crosley_Gang] wrote:
      I suspect the listing was not made in error, but was intended to reach fellow Shriners, rather than Crosley lovers. He probably was more interested in the car continuing to be used the way he used it than maximizing return, don't you think?
      Gene Smith

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