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29587Need the gangs help...Again

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  • nadno1
    Feb 20 12:33 PM
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      hello gang, I have a question that I know you guys will have an answer for, can a modern timing light be used on our 6 volt systems if so do I hook them up  pos.  to  pos. and neg.  to neg.   and on the number 1 plug wire. like I would on a 12 volt system ,also having never adjusted the timing  do I just loosen the distributor bolt and the rear clamp to move the distributor,  The reason for doing this is my motor acts as if it has a rev limiter past half throttle it will not build RPM just kind of goes flat so I 'am trying to eliminate the timing as a possible culprit before moving on to fuel pump or carb. I unhooked the new exhaust system to make sure there was no pressure restrictions there, The motor has about 300 miles on a new rebuild.

      Thanks in advance

      Neal in Iowa

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