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29025Re: [Crosley_Gang] Car "losing it's prime "

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  • Rob Carson
    Oct 31, 2013
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      Or try this, While Holding the starter button turn the key on. this is the only way my dad ever started his crosley's. and its how he told me to start em too. Something about the surge of power when the key is turned on seems to make a difference some how.
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      Subject: [Crosley_Gang] Car "losing it's prime "
      That&apos;s the best way I can describe it. If it sits for a several hours it will not start unless I give it a shot of starting fluid. Choke on/choke off, pumping the pedal , not pumping the pedal, makes no difference. But hit it with a shot of fluid and she takes off. As long as it&apos;s somewhat warm a short time after turning it off, it will start. It&apos;s one of Chuck K&apos;s rebuilt carbs so not while discounting the carb, I&apos;d like to think it&apos;s something else, but maybe just an adjustment of some sort on the fuel system.
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