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  • cutworm1959
    Oct 26, 2013
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      Thanks Professor Pitman-arm. I straightend out the bent guideance rod. Methinks I have gone too far beefing up the for an aft springs and shocks. Mu toe-in is set at 1/8 positive but I need to drop my tire pressure from 50 to 30pps. All will be well by an by. Cut 

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      OK, I'll elaborate on it a bit.
       If you imagine the circle that the inside wheel makes relative to the outside, there will be a sharper turning angle required inside. Car frontend design factors this in to the turning geometry to increase the inside angle progressively as the turn sharpens.
        So, how does this built in allowance get changed? By bending the arm at the steering knuckle. This happens if a curb, pot hole or similar object is struck at an angle. Seen it happen more than once, and if it's severe enough you will hear the tires scrub or squeal in a slow turn. Also, if the radius of the inside wheel in tighter than desired, you would have a tendency to lift the inside rear wheel. Kinda like stubbing it's toe, don't ya know.
         How do I check this?  Dirt road is one way. VERY slowly make the turn. Check to see if the tread marks of both tires are sharp and clear. Best to do on a damp sandy/clay road.  I know you will find one, country boy.................p   
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       Petey Pie, th site was pretty vague.......

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         Hey Wormy,
        What do you have the toe-in set at?
        Sounds like you have a lot of 
      Ackerman angle prob. 
       If the problem becomes greater as you increase the turn angle, ya guts grief in that area. See site below...............p 
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      Hiya folks, I have tweaked the steering and re-built the suspension on th BM. No slack in ether end. When you round a corner the car slows down because the rear tire is in the air! My wagon never gave me any steering problems and it has 5" play inthe wheel. Oh well, now I know how to work on steering boxes and kingpins and spring packs etc. I am a fixin to put tags on it and blast off into th sunset! Thanks to ALL that has helped or hinderd in this quest! Love Cut

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