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  • butch46988
    Pete, There are 4 motels there, The Holiday Inn, the Best Western, The Super 8 and The Arrowhead, as to the best location, there isn t a blocks difference
    Message 1 of 556 , Mar 31, 2008

      There are 4 motels there, The Holiday Inn, the Best Western, The Super
      8 and The Arrowhead, as to the best location, there isn't a blocks
      difference between them. All are within walking distance of the
      fairgrounds if you're so inclined (or your Crosley won't start and you
      need a little help).

      They are all full of Crosley people for that weekend, so that isn't
      much of an issue either.

      The 3 major chains for the most part, are typical of their brands
      anywhere else. The Arrowhead is a local "mom and pop" operation,
      basic, clean with no frills but considerably less expensive.

      A lot of folks (Fonda and I included) camp (or RV) out at the show
      site on the fairgrounds.

      Hope that helps, we've chatted enough times, looking forward to
      putting a face (maybe) with the voice!

      Butch and Fonda Williams, Service Motors, 1-574-664-3313,

      --- In Crosley@yahoogroups.com, <berard_m@...> wrote:
      > Hello gang.
      > Julie and I are making plans to attend the Nats meet this year. We
      have made reservations at two motels to hedge our bet for the best
      place to be Crosley. Howsomeverandfurthermore, we'd like a bit of
      feedback from y'all as to which one we would best take advantage of
      with respect to location, but most importantly, where you cats and
      kittens will be located. We feel we don't want to hold these slots too
      long so some other Cros' Threaded Nuts might benefit. Presently we can
      choose from the Holiday Inn 8135 SR 108, or the Best Western at 8591.
      How bout it folks?
      > Pete & Julie in GA.
    • Crosley@yahoogroups.com
      Reminder from: Crosley Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Crosley/cal 1948: Powel Crosley III dies at 36. Monday June 4, 2012 All Day (This event
      Message 556 of 556 , Jun 3, 2012
        Reminder from: Crosley Yahoo! Group
        Title: 1948: Powel Crosley III dies at 36.
        Date: Monday June 4, 2012
        Time: All Day
        Repeats: This event repeats every year.
        Location: Miami, Florida.
        Street: CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB - 4526 29th Avenue
        City State Zip: Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140-3044
        Notes: Powel Crosley III, the son of Powel Crosley Jr. and Gwendolyn Bakewell Crosley, dies of a sudden heart attack at his Miami home. He had been the general manager for the Crosley Marine Research Laboratory in suburban Coral Gables, Florida. He is survived by his widow and three sons, all of Miami.
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