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Re: hydraulic brake conversion

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  • mrcooby
    DE WAYNE BLANK wrote: Looking for info on converting my 47 mechanicals to hydraulic economically, possibly disc. Thanks, DGB
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 18, 2008
      <ispa85@...> wrote:

      "Looking for info on
      converting my '47
      mechanicals to
      hydraulic economically,
      possibly disc. Thanks,
      Hi, De Wayne. I can
      give you particulars,
      but I assume your
      request is because your
      existing mechanical
      brakes are insufficient.

      Let me first suggest
      you consider this: in
      every case I've seen of
      poor mechanical brakes,
      it's because the shoes
      were at some point
      relined with bonded
      brake linings.

      In addition, the brake
      cables may be in poor
      condition; they may be
      stretched, rusted
      and/or broken with
      missing clevis pins and
      out of adjustment,
      meaning one or two
      brake drums are doing
      most of the work.

      All this is easy and
      economical to fix.
      Service Motors offers
      new mechanical brake
      cable sets and has the
      machinery to properly
      reline and re-arc the
      shoes with the proper
      webbed and riveted
      linings. Never use
      bonded linings with
      mechanical brakes.

      Then adjustment is
      easy: take the car on
      gravel, apply brakes
      and see which wheel
      grabs first, then ease
      that particular clevis
      adjustment off so that
      drum doesn't work so
      hard, then re-try the
      process until satisfied.

      I have mechanicals with
      webbed linings on all
      four of my Crosleys and
      they all stop as they

      Keep in touch, and good
      luck, De Wayne.

      =Lou Rugani=
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