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Needed in SW Ohio.

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  • mrcooby
    Dear Car Enthusiasts, I am writing to try to find a club to join forces with us for our 4th ANNUAL SKYLINE CHILI CRUISE-IN at the Skyline Chili in West
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2008
      Dear Car Enthusiasts,

      I am writing to try to
      find a club to join
      forces with us for
      our "4th ANNUAL SKYLINE
      CHILI CRUISE-IN" at the
      Skyline Chili in West
      Chester, OH every
      SUNDAY this summer.

      Last year our club that
      we had for the first 2
      years backed out on us
      with no notice, so we
      were unable to
      advertise the show in
      the SHOW 'N SHINE
      calendar...which killed
      our show...no matter
      what we tried to do. We
      hooked up with a couple
      of bozos who promised
      us the sun, moon &
      stars...and didn't
      produce. Skyline
      started giving away
      trophies for foreign &
      domestic vehicles &
      dash plaques every
      week. They gave out
      door prizes & event
      T-shirts. We even had a
      Captain Jack Sparrow
      lookalike (from Pirates
      of the Caribbean) make
      an appearance...but no
      cars showed up...it was
      sad because he is

      So, I am starting early
      to try to find a club
      willing to join forces
      with us and committing
      to being at the show
      every week. I am
      getting ready to place
      the ad in the SHOW 'N
      SHINE calendar for this
      year, but I want to
      wait to have the name
      of our club included in
      the ad.

      As years past, I will
      be there again this
      year playing 50's-70's
      tunes and hosting
      karaoke for anyone who
      wants to sing...singers
      of all ages (the
      perfect opportunity for
      kids to be able to sing
      since they can't go
      into bars).

      We would like to start
      the show the 1st Sunday
      in June and run through
      the end of October when
      we will have our annual
      CONTEST for people &
      vehicles. I hope you
      will talk to your club
      and let me know
      SOOOOOOOON whether or
      not you are interested
      in joining forces with
      us for a great show.
      Please let me know
      ASAP, so we can get our
      ad in the calendar in
      plenty of time this

      Lori Wilson

      Stairway To The

      With all our CCOC
      members in Ohio, can we
      help these folks in
      West Chester by getting
      some Crosleys there
      this Summer?

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