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Re: =CROSLEY= Re: "Auto Magazines" !!!!!!

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  • Peter Berard
    Amazing. These mags led me to the Radio Shack. As I recall, t was Boston Mass that had the first Shack. Built a few crystal sets from a few cents investment. I
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 14, 2007
      Amazing. These mags led me to the Radio Shack. As I recall, t'was Boston Mass that had the first Shack. Built a few crystal sets from a few cents investment. I felt I was quite cool having formed a radio from raw materials. And I was. Popular Mechanics sent us Whizzer Motor Bikes. King Midget cars. Plans for the Dipsey Doodle Hydro plane boat and so many other things I enjoyed. Friends have found and given me very old PM mags and I cherish rereading them.  I remember Uncle Tom's road tests on Crosleys. Any one sent off for a PM scooter plans?............p
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      "Clarence McMillin"
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      > Hey Gang,
      > What auto magazines
      had an effect on
      you ?????
      ============ ========= ===
      Mine was Motor Trend in
      the 1950s. There was a
      great column on old
      cars by the late Robert
      Gottlieb, the man who
      invented the
      term 'Special-Interest
      Autos'. Also, I'd read
      the short-lived Auto
      Age and Car Life. Tom
      McCahill had some
      hilarious comments in
      his Mechanix
      Illustrated columns -
      and there was a poor
      $1.98 knockoff of him
      in the dying Science &
      Mechanics magazine by a
      guy named "Joe Gutts".
      Anybody remember Joe


      > Mine wasn't really
      auto magazine - Popular
      Mechanics and Popular
      > Science magazines
      given to me by my Uncle
      > First one I bought
      was "HOP-UP" and pocket
      sized hot rod magazine
      > them came "HOT-ROD
      > Then it just
      snowballed from there.
      > Mac

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