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Powel Crosley's personal Farm-O-Road: eBay.

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  • mrcooby
    CINCINNATI: 1949 Crosley Farm-O-Road Original Prototype. This vehicle is from the Bill Angert Estate Collection of nine (9) Crosley automobiles. Bill Angert
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16 8:58 PM
      CINCINNATI: 1949 Crosley Farm-O-Road Original Prototype. This
      vehicle is from the Bill Angert Estate Collection of nine (9)
      Crosley automobiles. Bill Angert was the Narrator/Historian in the
      PBS documentary "Powel Crosley and the 20th Century". Bill Angert's
      1952 Crosley Station Wagon is currently on display in the Auburn,
      Cord, Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana, and several of his cars
      have been featured in Automobile Quarterly. Seven of his nine
      Crosleys are National Award winning automobiles at Crosley Nationals
      in Wauseon, Ohio. This vehicle is one of 2 Farm-O-Road Prototypes.
      The existence of the other one is unknown. My Father's journal
      describes this car as being built in 1947 and tested and modified
      through 1949. The Farm-O-Road went into production and was sold for
      three years: 1950~1952. Less than 600 production vehicles were made.
      This car was used by Powel Crosley on the Crosley Estate in
      Cincinnati, Ohio, and most of the pictures in the sales catalogs and
      promotional posters were of this car. This car was purchased at
      auction out of the carraige house on the grounds of the Crosley
      Estate in the early 1960's after Powel's death. The car was put in
      storage after its purchase by a buyer with intentions to restore it.
      It was never uncovered until my Father purchased it from the buyer's
      estate in 1982. My Father totally restored this vehicle, and it won
      1st Place at Crosley Nationals in 1991. This prototype has 4-wheel
      disc brakes (production models had drum brakes). The tie rod is
      located in front of the axle (production models were located behind
      the front axle). This car has a dual range (high & low) 3- speed
      transmission. It has front and rear hydraulic hitches for a variety
      of attachments and farm implements that were available as
      accessories. It has a rear power take-off that has a governor
      control. This vehicle is being sold with NO TITLE. This car does not
      have (and never had) a vin/serial number, since it was a hand-built
      prototype, and was not for sale. It was used exclusively for design
      and testing purposes, and later used at the Powel Crosley Estate
      (Pinecroft), in Cincinnati. I will provide BILL OF SALE only since
      this vehicle has never been titled since it was built. This was my
      Father's favorite Crosley because it was a unique one of a kind
      vehicle that was actually owned and driven by Powel Crosley himself.
      My Father drove this car in parades, and displayed it at various Car
      Shows until his passing in 2003. Since that time it has been
      maintained in climate controlled storage, and runs as perfectly as
      the day my Dad drove it in the garage for the last time. Everything
      on this vehicle is in excellent condition and working. I will
      include an owners/operating manual concerning the features of this
      car. This is a great opportunity to own a special piece of
      automotive history. The pictures tell the story. Please contact me
      if you wish to view/drive this vehicle which is located in
      Cincinnati, Ohio (home of Crosley Motors). Shipping or pickup costs
      and arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer. Payment must
      be made in cash or by certified/cashiers bank check within 7 days of
      the auction close. Please contact me with any questions.......thank
      you for looking! The other Crosley cars and any related parts or
      items in my Father's Estate are not being offered at this time. Any
      future offering for sale of these items, and the method of sale, has
      yet to be determined by the Family. Thank you for your interest.
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