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Rescue alert: CD SW in Massachusetts.

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  • mrcooby
    Below is the seller s description without comment: =================================================== 1952 Crosley Super Station Wagon Project - w/ PARTS CAR
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2007
      Below is the seller's description without comment:
      1952 Crosley Super Station Wagon Project - w/ PARTS CAR Item
      number: 150134247495

      Current bid: US $1.00

      Ends Jun-26-07 09:02:25 PDT (5 days 20 hours)
      Shipping costs: Pickup only - see item description for details
      Will arrange for local pickup only (no shipping).
      Item location: Massachusetts, United States
      History: 1 bid
      High bidder: Bidder 1

      Seller: dark69jedi( 692)
      Feedback: 100% Positive
      Member: since May-12-00 in United States

      This item is covered up to $2,000 See eligibility

      1952 Crosley Super Station Wagon Model CD Project car with parts car

      You are bidding on a complete, unrestored, Vintage, Original 1953
      Crosley Wagon and an accompanying parts car.
      The Red car was purchased to make a mild modified driver for my son
      but he lost interest in the project. I obtained an excellent
      condition 1980's BMW 2002 motor and transmission that was compression
      tested and will fit in the engine compartment with only minor motor
      mount and firewall modifications. An electric fan attached to the
      radiator will give the room needed. The original motor is no longer
      with the red car, while the second car does still have the motor in
      it. It was to be taken in trade for the BMW engine, but I have not
      yet been able to remove it from the vehicle at the time of this
      listing. I could arrange to put you in touch with the individual who
      will be taking it if you are persistant about having an original
      engine for the car. The only addition major mod that will be needed
      is the shortening of the driveshaft to fit into the bell housing. The
      car was to be converted into a 12volt car and have the gauges use a
      in-line voltage step down. I have almost every part for this car
      except an original Crosley Radio but I had no intention of using
      anything but a modern radio in it. The auction also includes a donor
      parts car which will be needed. The Red car in the pictures has an
      outstanding body that has minimal if any rust on the panels and is
      very straight. The floorpans are almost completely gone. Upon
      removing the body from the frame, I discovered that the frame was
      cracked and broken on the passenger side ahead of the rear axle. The
      grey car was going to be the donor frame, (which is good), and any
      sheet metal patches needed. Additionaly, it came with three or four
      floor patch panels which solved almost all of the floor issues. I
      believe it may require one additional front passenger floor pan on
      one of the sides but I am not sure of this at the time of the
      listing. The cargo area will need some minor work as well. Almost
      every trim part and stainless item is with the car, (Hubcaps,
      spinner, grill) as well as all of the seats and mounts from both
      cars. I believe I have all but one piece of glass is there but it was
      going to be replaced by purchasing tinted glass from an e-Bayer whow
      specializes in flat glass. I have even found beautiful reproductions
      of the tail lights and turn signals here on e-Bay. Almost every part
      and piece is available for this car. The body has been reinforced
      with square tube welded to the body to support it when it was to be
      transferred to the new frame. The original Wheels are almost new, and
      even the tires are excellent. I also have the original spare tire
      mount. There is one excellent front bumper and a brand new gravel
      pan; a repaired and primered rear gravel pan; two brand new Rocker
      panels; as well as two spare front bumpers. The rear bumper is
      straight but will either need rechroming or sanded down and repainted
      as I intended to do. The rear gates are in in very nice shape. The
      bottom section has been straightened and had some paint color test
      done on it. (Green & White). There are many other items that are
      included with this auction, but if I find any item that is not listed
      in this auction it goes with the car. Between the two cars, I have
      just over $1500.00 in costs and expenses. I am listing the car with a
      reserve of two thirds of that (do the math).... So, I am taking a
      loss. But considering the prices I have seen some of the Crosleys go
      for on e-Bay, having a complete car with a donor parts car AND a BMW
      engine worth my reserve alone. This would be an excellent `sleeper
      rod' project car with the looks of a vintage classic American car,
      the performance and reliability of a 12volt BMW engine, and the fuel
      economy needed for today's gas prices. I am listing the cars with
      minimal pictures to keep the auction costs down. But, I have an
      entire online folder of pictures I will be happy to share with you
      that details ALL of the car's good and bad points. I have a flatbed
      trailer that can transport ONE car, and I will transport ONE car
      within 50 miles from my house for free. However, if you need
      transportation further than that the charge will be 1dollar ($1.00)
      per mile to cover fuel costs and wear and tear on my tow vehicle.

      I strongly urge you to obtain transportaion for both of the cars and
      all of the various parts and pieces to simplify your transport.

      There is absolutely no title and transfer will be done so as a bill
      of sale with the VIN of the car.
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