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Re: =CROSLEY= '39 Convertible Coupe on eBay.

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  • berard_m@bellsouth.net
    Remember the prewar from Birmingham Ala. that sold for more in Dec 2005 with all the needs of a restoration and for more money. Most Jap motorcycles cost more
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 19, 2007
      Remember the prewar from Birmingham Ala. that sold for more in Dec 2005 with all the needs of a restoration and for more money. Most Jap motorcycles cost more than this. We still have more enjoyment for the buck than all the Ferrari owners in the world. Thanks Powell...........p
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      It apparently sold to Louisville KY.  Car sat for years covered in a blanket in a barn with a roof leak.  The factory welds on one rear corner are rusting thru.  Bumpers and brackets apparently home made and poor.  Wrong gauges and only two proper hub caps....nearly impossible to find for a prewar.  Paint is ruined from poor storage.  Better to leave a vehicle uncovered than covered like that or with anything which fails to "breathe".  If you think about plastic lay it out UNDER the car to prevent moisture buildup from the floor.
      The sellers reserve was 8K and I personally think the car is only worth about 6K...but I am obviously wrong as it sold sight unseen for nearly 8500....an entree of buyers regret me thinks.

      Thanks for your continued support...Its appreciated and much needed. If you are pleased pass my name along...if you have issue PLEASE let me know....I am here to help!
      Robert Kirk
      www.kirks-auto. com

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