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Re: Lou's new Crosley

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  • mrcooby
    David Coudriet ... Crosley? ... ======================== Dave, I posted some photos, with more to come; they re in 1941 Crosley CB-41 Covered Wagon .
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 13, 2007
      "David Coudriet"
      Crosleydc@... wrote:
      > Lou, how's the new
      > Fill us in!
      > Dave Coudriet
      Dave, I posted some
      photos, with more to
      come; they're in "1941
      Crosley CB-41 'Covered
      Wagon' ".

      It's in Washington
      Blue. The car was
      garaged at 3859
      Guilford Avenue in
      Indianapolis in 1953
      and apparently never
      moved since. It's all
      there except for the
      side curtains and the
      Tillotson DY-1
      carburetor, three of
      which I already have.
      Some cats had used the
      interior as their
      restroom (the "No
      comment" photo).
      I took the hubcaps off
      for polishing.

      I already have some of
      the correct wheel-color
      paint. (If anyone needs
      a Crosley Chinese Red
      wheel color matchup,
      it's the same as 1975
      Chevrolet Truck red.)
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