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Re: =CROSLEY= Re: crosley hot shot or supersports

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    What a neat story!......p ... From: mrcooby To: Crosley@yahoogroups.com Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 11:34 AM Subject: =CROSLEY= Re: crosley hot shot or
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      What a neat story!......p
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      From: mrcooby
      Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 11:34 AM
      Subject: =CROSLEY= Re: crosley hot shot or supersports

      We'll post the
      particulars here on all
      Crosleys we find for
      sale, and there have
      been some VCs offered
      for sale over the past
      six months. Keep
      checking, and if you
      get a chance, tell us
      about your '51 station
      wagon, Arthur.

      I'll start myself by
      talking about my '42 CB-
      42 Liberty Sedan. On
      the first Sundayof
      every May there's a
      great Waukegan (IL)
      Chapter AACA meet/swap
      in Grays Lake IL. I had
      my unrestored '47
      Sports Convertible
      there (which won a Most
      Potential trophy - was
      that a compliment? ;-)
      and there was a Chicago
      couple there walking
      around looking to sell
      a one-owner Liberty
      (though nobody then
      knew what it was) at an
      estate sale in Chicago.
      I delayed following up
      until June (bad choice,
      but it worked out
      anyways) and it was
      still available.

      The brother-in-law I'd
      met at Grays Lake, Mr.
      Al Grywa of Chicago (we
      became friends and he's
      now deceased), was the
      executor and said
      another relative (who
      he despised) was a
      professional clown and
      wanted the car to use
      as a prop. Al wanted me
      to buy it, for one main
      reason - to screw over
      his brother-in-law. He
      said by law he had to
      take top bid and with a
      wink he said $600 would
      be top bid. Sounds
      cheap, but $600
      happened to be all the
      money I had at the
      time. He even threw in
      a nice '73 Chevrolet
      Impala four-door
      hardtop, which became
      my main ride for four

      Anyways, it ran like a
      champ and I finally
      restored it by 1989.
      The Grywas visited here
      in 1995 to see it.
      Right now Al Calvin is
      doing the engine,and
      it's going to be a
      great summer. (Thanks,

      =Lou Rugani=
      ============ ========= ===
      "E.Arthur Enderle III"
      <aenderle3@. ..> wrote:
      > I am in the market
      for a hotshot or
      supersport. I currently
      have a 51
      > superwagon that I
      restored and am working
      on a 49 pickup and a 50
      > sedan. I plan to sell
      the wagon. I have
      decided that I am ready
      to look
      > for a hotshot or
      supersport. I am
      interested in an
      original as possible
      > car and hopefully one
      that has been restored.
      I will consider
      > is out there. I am
      hoping to find one
      before it ends up on
      ebay. Should
      > you have one or know
      of someone who is
      looking to part with
      one please
      > contact me at
      aenderle3@.. . Thanks so

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