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  • Peter Berard
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      Peter Berard <berard_m@...> wrote:

      Wish I could read this, but it's imposable at that resolution.

      Remember the Saviano Scat?
      My pleasure, Peter ...

      Utility Vehicle Is Announced By Detroit Firm

      DETROIT - The Saviano Scat, a lightweight two-door four-passenger utility vehicle, has been announced by Saviano Vehicles, Inc. in suburban Warren.

      Arnold P. Saviano, president, said the Scat was developed over a three-year period "with both industry and sportsmen in mind."

      A design engineer who started as a draftsman with Fisher Body 22 years ago, Saviano said the Scat has an 80-inch wheelbase, a 26-horsepower air-cooled engine in front, weighs 1,700 pounds, is 125 inches long, 60 inches wide and 65 inches high with its top in place.

      He claimed fuel economy at 25 to 30 miles per gallon, and said the Scat would sell for $1,390 including delivery, handling and federal excise tax.

      Rear seats fold forward to provide a sizable carrying compartment, he added, and a heater, electric windshield wipers and turn signals are standard equipment.

      :It's an ideal vehicle for large and small plants, hunters, fishermen, campers, resorts, golf courses and airports," Saviano said. "It also is available for indoor industrial use with optional propane gas tanks and propane-type carburetor."

      He said he is setting up an organization of factory representatives to contact dealer prospects throughout the nation. His goal is 100 dealers, Saviano said, principally farm-equipment retailers.

      At the moment, he continued, the firm is tooling up to produce 2,000 units annually. Parts will be purchased from automotive suppliers and the vehicles will be assembled at the 7,600-square-foot building in Warren, he said.

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