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Gould's, the big event of Summer.

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  • Louis Rugani
    Gould s 18th Microcar Classic Event is two weeks away! Don t miss it. Posted by: Charles Gould chasgould@mac.com chasgould Date: Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:59 pm
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2013
      Gould's 18th Microcar Classic Event is two weeks away! Don't miss it.
      Posted by: "Charles Gould" chasgould@... chasgould
      Date: Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:59 pm ((PDT))

      This is the most fun that you can have with your pants on, and those of us who drive microcars pantless will have even more fun! You won't want to miss this one! Gould's Eighteenth Annual Microcar Classic Event will be the best ever!
      Hotel room block is in place! Schedule is finalized! Cars are being prepared! Incredible menu is being planned! Wines and Microbrews were delivered today. Margaritas are being mixed and frozen!
      If you want to receive an individual registration packet, or if you require any additional information, please email me at chasgould@..., or call Charles or Nancy at (617) 965-4848!
      This year's event will be held on July 12, 13 & 14, 2013 at our home here in Newton (near Boston), Massachusetts, and it will be three days jam-packed full of Microcar lunacy with tons of Microcar tours and activities, great food & beverages, strange cars, and even stranger people!
      The Eighteenth Microcar Classic will begin with Friday evening's Microcar Arrival Reception, including microbrews, wine, cheese, and Hors D'hoeurves. This is a great opportunity to unload your microcars and make last minute repairs and preparations while meeting plenty of new and old friends. Once again, we will be terrorizing the neighborhood with rides in the microcars. We will party late into the night as we all get ready for the weekend's activities.
      Saturday morning will dawn with fresh high-octane Peet's coffee, pastries and bagels, while registration continues in anticipation of our first, long (120 mile round trip) Micro tour to Wachusett Mountain, which will once again include an optional ascent up the mountain road to the summit of Mount Wachusett! Please be sure to arrive by 10:00 AM so that we can leave for our tour promptly at 11:00 AM!  We have changed things around a bit to enable more people to participate in the long tour through the countryside, so be sure that your microcar is in top order, and fueled up for this 120 mile adventure.
      There is nothing like seeing sixty to ninety microcars touring through the countryside and climbing up the mountain road. If you are timid, you can leave your micro at the Gould's and catch a ride with another more-adventurous owner, so no stress whatsoever! This will be the most enjoyable drive you have ever had in your microcar, as we cover some of the most beautiful country roads with plenty of scenic stops and photo opportunities, culminating in an optional ascent up the mountain on the access road, which is only 5 miles long and not too steep.
      The access road had been closed for renovations for four years, and had precluded our ascent since 2008 when we had our first and only huge sense of accomplishment by climbing the mountain. The access road reopened last year and we were thrilled to put this activity back on our list of tours. Don't miss this opportunity to recreate this sensation again this year! There is a huge parking area at the base of the mountain, and you are welcome to leave your car at the bottom, and ride with a more adventurous enthusiast if you don't want to climb the mountain with your own microcar. This optional assent will cost only $2.00 per car, payable to the Wachusett Mountain State Reservation.
      Don't worry about the distance of the long tour as we will have a whole crew of competent certified Microcar mechanics with us, and tow vehicles strategically placed along the route to handle any emergencies which we cannot solve by the roadside. Many owners who had never driven their microcars more than seven to ten miles before our past events have successfully completed this long tour and have been so thankful for the encouragement to join us. We have only had one catastrophic failure over the past several years, and nearly every single car has successfully completed this long tour, which will include a leisurely lunch at a great place after our ascent up the Mount Wachusett access road!
      After lunch, we will parade back to Gould's to unwind and bask in our mountain-ascent accomplishment before we prepare for the world-famous eclectic Memphis barbecue and ethnic diversity menu extravaganza, followed by our second ten-mile scenic Micro tour, which brings us to a local ice cream shack where a fresh crowd of amazed spectators will ogle our tiny transportation pods. We will finish Saturday up with the Gould's World Famous Two Stroke Frozen Margarita Party late into the evening.
      Sunday will dawn with a fresh batch of high-octane Peet's coffee and bagels and pastries as we prepare for a short parade to the oldest car museum in the country, where we will arrange our bubble cars on the beautiful lawn of the 1888 Larz Anderson Carriage House for the public display. We will offer continuous rides to the hordes of spectators as we buzz around the field all day long, followed by an awards ceremony with trophies for the people's choice of three cars in all of four categories, as well as several other ancillary trophies.  If there is time, we will have an optional tour to Gould's Matchbox Motors Microcar Museum to view all of the derelict projects that just did not make the cut for this year's event. Then back to Gould's home to relax, freshen up at your hotel and prepare for our farewell dinner at a wonderful authentic Mexican outdoor cantina for a great final meal!
      Most guests will stay on to Monday morning so as not to miss a single moment of this weekend's activities.
      We have a great rate at a very nice local hotel less than six miles from our door, and we have plenty of safe overnight parking at our home for your microcars. We have a designated trailer parking area, and multiple tow vehicles available to retrieve broken down microcars. We have a crew of certified microcar mechanics in Gould's Certified Roadside Assistance Program (G-CRAP) who will be on call to help with any complications which develop over the weekend, and we can usually get you back on the road in time for the next activity. We also have Gould's Seats And Asses Program (G-SAAP), so if you come without a car, we will find you a seat in someone's microcar, but you will have a ton more fun if you bring your own car!
      Finally, we will have loads of great microcar stuff to buy for yourself or for gifts for the microcar fanatic in your life!
      This is not a static "Park And Polish" type of event on some hot asphalt parking lot, but rather a European-style dynamic driving event on gorgeous country roads and lush green venues for breaks or exhibits. If you have never attended one of Gould's Microcar Classic Events, make this year your time to experience this unusual Microcar event. If you have been here before, you know what we are talking about, and you will want to come on back for this Seventeenth Microcar Classic.
      Check out all of the details, and photos of past years events at www.bubbledrome.com, and be sure to register for this year's Gould's Seventeenth Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic Event on the registration page at Microcar and Minicar Classic.
      Hope to see all of you in July!

      The Micro and Mini Car Weekend mostly takes place in Newton, the hotel is a short distance away in Needham, the Sunday show event at the Larz Anderson Museum is in Brookline, and the Saturday drive ends up on the top of Mt. Wachusetts in Princeton, MA.
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