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Re: =CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB= Transporting Crosleys.

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  • Peter Berard
    Good advice, and I had a scare that would create permanent stains on the driver s seat. Was hauling my XK 140 roadster 200 miles for a repaint. Someone pulled
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 26, 2013
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           Good advice, and I had a scare that would create permanent stains on the driver's seat.
        Was hauling my XK 140 roadster 200 miles for a repaint. Someone pulled in across my lane in, naturally, a mini van with a blond and numerous kids. I had not enough room to say grace over, so I spanked the stoppers and prayed to ABS Gods my trailer wouldn't pass me.  It was a 4 wheeled trailer, but sans electric brakes. The Lord was with me.      But I saw ALL to much trailer and Jag in my right mirror.
        An other poor memories was coming back from the The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum with the Crosley SS loaded on the trailer.
         Julie and I were coming down a curvy country hill in heavy rain.
       It rained on me, Julie, Doug & Jacky Dotty all the dang week end.
      Then, as we left, it really got serious . 
        Anyhoo, all of a sudden there was a steep crooked hill and some had built a town at the bottom. 
       Bad idea. 
       With a red light.
       It was red when we got there. 
        To boot, I really believe someone had dropped a mess of oil from their car on the road.    I was raised in Maine's snow and ice, but that was the slickeriest stuff since goat snot.
          The Land Rover used all that Georgia road in a second or two and then some.
      There'd need to be a whole new road map fir what we did. 
        Cover yer butt.  Buy all the safety equipment you can afford. Tie down with forgiving nylon straps.  Chains may seem to be the best choice, but straps will keep the load securely located and not beat the car up.  Forgiving is the idea............p 

      Regarding trailering Crosleys to/from meets, points-of-purchase, and elsewhere;

      Six-by-twelve heavy-duty open trailers with hinged ramps are affordable and near-ideal except that the car will be exposed to the elements and road debris. They're rentable from U-Haul.

      In mountainous areas, trailer brakes are highly recommended.

      Be sure the trailer has more-than-adequate lighting, including the flanks. U-Haul agents can help with temporary wiring.

      I prefer nylon strapping to keep the car completely immobile and square in the center, and I re-tighten each strap every 50 miles.

      Stay in the slow lanes with these rigs.

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