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Unique Little Car Show raffle Tickets

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  • uniquelittlecars@yahoo.com
    Groups, I have had a lot of off list messages about the raffle off line. So I thought I would help clear things up. You do not have to be at the show to enter
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2007
      I have had a lot of off list messages about the raffle off line. So I thought I would help clear things up. You do not have to be at the show to enter the raffle or need not be present to win. The tickets will be sold during the show as well as through the mail. The Raffle will take place at the awards dinner. If you send the money to Jackie at the address below there is an explanation on how it works. Please remember to include your Full Name, Address, City, State, Country, Zip Code and your Phone Number. Fill out the regular form to attend the show and put how many tickets you want to purchase. You might want to order a shirt and a dinner ticket at the same time. You do not have to enter a car to attend the awards dinner. The form is just so we have a record of your purchase. I copied the Flyer on to this email so you will not see it attached like the message says from Keith..
      Here is a message from my friend Keith from the Metro Club.
      Morning Vigil,

      Thanks for the phone call - not sure when George will answer you so I will give you information the way I see it. First, the attached Flyer gives information about the raffle and provides the telephone number and e-mail address of Jacqui Lopez, the member who is handling the tickets.

      Anyone wanting Raffle Tickets can call or e-mail Jacqui Lopez
      (949) 650-3108 or Email

             OR BETTER YET

      Send a check, for the amount of the ticket(s), to Jacqui Lopez,
      1975 Anaheim Ave, Costa Mesa, Ca 92627. We will complete the stub,
      place it in the drawing and mail the ticket(s) back to you.
      At your request, we will mail you the ticket(s), you complete the stub(s) and mail the stubs back to Jacqui Lopez and she will place your stub(s) in the drawing. 

      (Note) Notification of the winner will be quicker if they will include their phone number on the stub.

      The Registration forms will be in the mail soon and we will keep you in the loop. Want to thank you for your hard work - you certainly know how to keep people informed.
      Thanks again

      Here is the copy of the flyer.
      Proudly Presents the
      27TH Annual Southwest Unique Little Car Show
      Metropolitans, Crowley’s, Hondas, Subaru’s, Classic Minis, Messerschmitts, Isettas and more!
      Free Admission
      Saturday, April 21, 2007, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
      Holiday Inn,
      3223 E. Garvey Ave North,
      West Covina
       Just north of the 10 Fwy at Grand Ave
      1958 Nash Metropolitan
      Donation $10.00 per entry
      Proceeds benefit the City of Hope
      Need not be present to win
      Contact: Jacqui Lopez at 949.650.3108

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