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Tuesday, November 14, 1950: Alton, Illinois dealer article., 11/14/2012, 12:00 am

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    Reminder from: Crosley Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Crosley/cal Tuesday, November 14, 1950: Alton, Illinois dealer article. Wednesday November
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      Reminder from: Crosley Yahoo! Group
      Title: Tuesday, November 14, 1950: Alton, Illinois dealer article.
      Date: Wednesday November 14, 2012
      Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
      Location: Alton, Illinois., CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB (CCOC)
      Notes: New Crosley Model on Display

      The 1951 Crosley cars, unveiled this week, feature new front end
      design, as well as functional improvements.
      In announcing the new models, Powel Crosley Jr., president of
      Crosley Motors, Inc., said: "Our 1951 Crosley cars have so many
      improvements that, until you drive one of them, you just can't know how the Crosley car performs today. It's truly the most-improved car we have ever built."
      The 1951 Crosley, displayed by Alton Automotive Sales & Service,
      1610 East Broadway, has a 7.8 to 1 compression ratio engine, giving it more lively performance, big Bendix hydraulic brakes, new strut-type hydraulic shock absorbers, roll-down windows, and new, rich upholstered interiors, to mention but a few features of the 1951 models.
      Prices range from $898 to $1046, delivered nt Marion, Ind., Federal tax and handling included.
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