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  • Louis Rugani
    On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 8:16 AM, maxandgrinch wrote: Hi all, I m new to the group but not new to the
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      On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 8:16 AM, maxandgrinch <maxandgrinch@... <mailto:maxandgrinch@...> > wrote:

      Hi all, I'm new to the group but not new to the genre.

      I am looking for one or two interesting cars to fill in a specific space for the 2012 Danville d'Elegance September 16th, in Danville California, from about 8AM until 4PM.

      My area is a Starbucks parking lot, vehicles that are interesting to me/historically mine: you can only look at so many Ferrari, Cobra, and other stuff like that right? I like to think I'm the rebel of the group.

      Right now I'm in a bit of a panic, because the owner of the microcars I'd invited for my space has had a business challenge come up and can't attend.

      I'm looking for one to three uncommon vehicles to help fill the space I'm responsible for. I cover entry fees and try to be a decent host during the day. It is always fun, and is for, what I think is a great cause because it is genetic.

      If you can make the time - send me a note, and we can discuss details.

      Here's the website: http://www.danville-delegance.org the YouTube Channel is here http://www.youtube.com/DanvilledEleganceOrg

      A little of my history and interests:
      My parents came back from a weekend away when I was in high school, and I'd left my camera gear (probably $2k in stuff) as a non-refundable deposit (so dad just had to help cover the asking price) on a Hillman Imp. He sold it at a garage sale when I was away looking at colleges.

      Since then I've had an assortment of qualified marques for this group and currently have an assortment of pre 1965 scooters from Eastern Europe, Bajaj 3 wheelers, and a Daihatsu Tri-Mobile that is getting an engine transplant. I sold my 2CV about 18 months ago - and am kicking myself for doing that. I am on my 10th year as a volunteer docent at the Blackhawk Museum and spend my time reviving and perfecting the classic techniques of metal shaping car bodies and parts and etc.

      Here's why:
      My father-in-law passed away from Parkinson's three years ago. He was a pre-war participant in the London to Brighton Run with Marcus Chambers, Le Mans team mechanic, and was the West Coast mechanical rep/engineer for BMC in the 60's before he moved on to Jaguar. I am planning committee for Danville d'Elegance, which is a car show that benefits Parkinsons's research and patient care and is 100% run by volunteers.


      Concord, CA
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