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August Pacific Coast meet: Northwest MogFest.

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  • LouRugani
    Here s a little video tid-bit on Northwest MogFest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsWLIgcctWk Hello to all. We ve made it through July, which means that
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      Here's a little video tid-bit on Northwest MogFest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsWLIgcctWk

      Hello to all.

      We've made it through July, which means that next month is MOGust on Waldersee Farm in rural northwest Oregon. The Northwest MogFest is August 16th-19th, 2012, our thirteenth annual event. Earlier this year, we had the bright idea of collecting recipes and publishing a commemorative event cookbook. Instead of going that route, we are requesting that those attending feel free to bring thirteen of whatever suits your fancy. Judging will be totally arbitrary and performed by the trusted NWMF gnomes with the top three entries receiving awards. These items do not need to be a food product.

      The common theme remains the celebration of the unique, the out of the ordinary, the extraordinary ... both the people and the vehicles present. We hope to see more Crosleys, Volvo C-series, Land Rovers, Range Rovers/Discos, FC101s, Mercedes G-wagens, Mercedes Dusseldorfer vans/busses, Sprinters, VW Typ 82 and Typ 166, Things, LT and Iltis trucks, VW Syncro Vanagons and any other VWs including Westfalia and other campers, Bajas, Tuaregs, French Lohr 501s, Tatras, DAFs, MAN trucks, Steyr-Puch 680s, Mitsubishi expedition trucks and any other interesting and uncommon high-mobility vehicles. There may be a few domestic ex-military trucks sporting European badging as camouflage.

      We have thoroughly enjoyed attending the Great Pacific Northwest Microcar and Minicar Extravaganza held in Forest Grove the past two years and I have no doubt enthusiasts of that automotive Microcosm will bring a whole new facet to the NWMF experience. Hopefully, besides Crosleys we will see the Isettas and Messerschmitts, Minis and Mokes, tiny Subarus, Hondas, Suzukis and Toyotas, DKWs, DAFs, Goggomobiles, Vespas, Fiats, Citroens, NSUs, Lloyds, Velorex, Zundapps and others. Coots, Westcoaster Mailsters, Cushmans, Urals, Motorschubkarre and KleinMantisWagens are also encouraged to make an appearance.

      Back again this year will be the slip-n-slide, zip line, women's heavy equipment operation contest, axe-throwing and the ever present phenomenal off-road driving opportunities. Meals, on-site camping, swimming, the evening theater, showers and the usual fun will all be here just waiting. The two local fire departments may be dreaming up some sort of competition and the ladder truck will be back. There are a few surprises in the works. Last year, it was the Walking Beast. The year before were the helicopter rides. This year? You will just have to come and see for yourself. And should you find NWMF too boring, we have the Spruce Goose/Evergreen Air and Space Museum/Water Park, countless wineries, Spirit Mountain Casino and the entire Pacific Ocean just a few miles down the road.

      If you have never attended before, we encourage all to search You Tube for Northwest MogFest entries and look through the website at http://www.northwestmogfest.com Keep in mind that this is an invitation-only event but all you need to do is have an interest in attending and ask to be invited through the website. Vehicle ownership is not a requirement. In 2008, a DVD documentary was filmed on the farm during that year's NWMF event. I have it on good authority that a much longer documentary will be filmed at this year's event.

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

      Hope to see many of you in mid-August on the farm.

      Take care and safe travels.

      Em & Jim and the entire NWMF family
      Waldersee Farm
      Sheridan, Oregon
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