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Re: =CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB= 60 Years Ago Today....

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  • Peter Berard
    You really hit spot on, because the first VWs were quite comparable in horse power (VW at 25 DIN and Crosley at 26.5 SAE let the VW have a slight lead after
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2012
      You really hit spot on, because the first VWs were quite comparable in horse power (VW at 25 DIN and Crosley at 26.5 SAE let the VW have a slight lead after conversion) and size, tho the V dub were considerably higher in price. VW placed importance on way less RPM, lower torque, and much more displacement, probably a wise choice for the period. It really made the driver feel he had more power on tap than he actually had.
    Perception. Almost as good as the real thing, right?
    I've driven a 25 HP VW and I'll put my Crosley up against a stock 25 VW.
       A bit more time could have meant Crosley would now be a world leader.  More exporting of the Crosmobile might have also helped, but then you have shipping cost.
      I feel Crosley would have been one of the first to go unibody. It's apparent Crosley would have designers who broke new ground.
      In essence, Europe needed a very small car at that time while Americans were totally nuts for huge iron and would have "little" to do with "little".  Likely a male thang.
    Then, I know what lookin' out over the hood of my XK 140 makes me feel like. I'm18 again.
      18 year old girls are lookin' at me in that thing! (Or is it me? HAH!)
     But luck has soooooo much to do with success. 
     Life's a crap shoot frum the git-go.
    .............pb&j on a hot toasted bagel, in Ashland Wi,  lookin' out the winder at Lake Superior, an headin' fir Wauseon, lickty split.
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    Subject: =CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB= 60 Years Ago Today....

    60 years ago today,on July 3rd, 1952 , The Crosley Automobile Division shut down operations for good at 3:30 when the last plant shift ended.
    I wonder who has the last automobile produced by Crosley?

    A shame that they couldn't hang on a few more years, until small cars came back into vogue.

    No matter tho. They produced just under 100,000 cars and trucks, and by any measure they were a success. They made the cars for the masses and made a car anyone could afford.

    Bravo, Crosley!! Take a bow...you deserve it.

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