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USS Iowa tour.

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  • LouRugani
    In Crosley@yahoogroups.com, Chris Thompson Chris@... wrote: Hello everyone! First, a huge round of thanks must be extended to all of those who drove the models
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2012
      In Crosley@yahoogroups.com, Chris Thompson
      Chris@... wrote:

      Hello everyone!

      First, a huge round of thanks must be extended to all of those who drove the models of their passion to the Ice Cream Social at my house on Saturday. After all, the cars really were the STARS!!
      Secondly to Johannes for organizing the special extended tour for all of us of the USS Iowa. WOW! Was that ever the best? I had taken my son Pierce there a few weeks ago and while we enjoyed ourselves, to have been able to listen to some of the stories from men who actually worked and lived on the boat added to our wonder even as we were wandering all over the many decks, nooks and crannies!
      In addition, Lappert's Ice Cream really came through by sponsoring us with their amazing ice cream. I'll have to look again at their freezer before I return it and give you all the name of the manufacturer in case anyone really needs a box within which they might want to freeze a body! Could that thing keep things solid or what? Thank you Lappert's!! I hope that you might want to do that for us again sometime!
      Thanks also to Susan @ Straw.com for allowing us the use of their very artistic graffiti-colored parking lot for overflow parking for the 'normal' cars. Their choice of artists has been an ongoing and everchanging landmark sight here in Richmond.
      Thanks of course to my girlfriend Maria for accommodating people in 'our' house and my son for doing his usual 'no' bangup job of directing the parking all of the classics. And many thanks go to all of those who helped out, brought water, maintained security and on, and on, and on...I am beginning to sound as if I am at the Academy Awards....

      I also want to apologize if I wasn't able to meet, greet and answer questions of everyone that had arrived. I had worried that with our limited time window of 3 hours and the size that Saturday became...that I wouldn't be able to work the room as it were. I promise next time we'll have more time.

      Thanks to all that sent their RSVPs, it SOOOOO helps having a general idea of what to expect when I have these things, without that idea I could very easily get overwhelmed wouldn't you agree now that you have been here??
      Thanks to all that have expressed interest in future events as well. As promised here is what to expect from time to time: Very informal, sometimes lastminute show-and-tell gatherings here at the shop. Usually potluck, sometimes the BBQ or a mealtime activity are involved, maybe even a driving tour before or after and during the day, and again thanks to Johannes for the wonderful addition of the USS Iowa tour which really contributed to this last event. I am hoping that I might be able to organize more types of get-togethers to attract likeminded and/or not so like minded individuals to sort of spice up the events! I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves here on Saturday and with a little more information I may be able to even more easily organize fun activities in the future.

      Thanks again,
      Chris Thompson
      Richmond, CA
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