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  • Peter Berard
    I forwarded it to many of my automotive friends. I certainly hope they would except this as a joke, sorta like the automobile manufactures played on the
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        I forwarded it to many of my automotive friends. I certainly hope they would except this as a joke, sorta like the automobile manufactures played on the American public for the last 20 years, with their eco cars.
      There will be many decades of experience and trial/error before there is a viable option to petroleum. The trade off of initial purchase price and maintance vs. returns are a major joke. The replacement for a petroleum fired personal vehicle will be another fuel that we have not yet seen popularly touted. 
       And not in the foreseeable future.
        And it won't be electricity..................p
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      Ahhhhhh, OK. A vehicle that will attain 80 MPH and go 300 miles, for "about $10,000.00" and recharge in 10 minutes?  I think the source of the batteries is from somewhere in area 51, close by the plant that will manufacture the vehicle itself.
      LOL, I know the whole story must be some kind of joke. BUT, the author should have come up with some more realistic figures.  THEN, Roger Penske?  That is a laugh.
      Thanks for todays chuckle.

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      Subject: =CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB= What if ...
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      Enjoy this April 1 story in Hemmings www.hemmings.com:

      EXCLUSIVE! Crosley to return as government-backed automaker in 2011!
      by Daniel Strohl

      We've just received confirmation from executives at Crosley Corporation that after a 57-year hiatus on producing automobiles, the company has secured financing with the federal government and will return once again as an automaker in early 2011.

      In a deal that has been months in the making, the Obama administration's auto industry task force, frustrated with the current Big Three's halting attempts to produce a fleet of green automobiles, decided to go ahead and fund an outside company with experience in the auto industry to construct such a fleet of affordable and efficient automobiles. According to sources, the task force spent an entire week coming up with a list of independent automobile manufacturers still in existence, but ruled out Studebaker for its decidedly fuel-inefficient XUV, and ruled out Packard for its incredibly expensive V-12-powered concept.

      Reportedly, it was task force member A.F. Day who recalled that Crosley still exists as an appliance manufacturer, now located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. (Another branch of Crosley's former company still produces radios in Louisville, Kentucky.) Day approached Crosley officials with a $2.2 billion loan guarantee, which is earmarked for a new factory in the Winston-Salem area (though other sources state that the factory could possibly be built in Alabama or even near Cincinnati). Day will also work with Crosley officials to choose an industry leader to head up the new company; sources suggest that Roger Penske's name tops the short list of candidates.

      As you can see from the teaser photo at the top of this post, which was released to the media this morning, and from our spy shot above (see New Photos) it appears that the new Crosley Automobile Corporation, which is expected to file papers of incorporation soon, will quickly enter the market by rebadging a Toyota product, the iQ, which is expected to hit the American market shortly before the Crosley's expected launch date. However, sources tell us that the Crosley will differ from the iQ in that the Crosley will offer an all-electric drivetrain with lithium-ion batteries designed to fully charge in about 10 minutes. Range is expected to be about 300 miles, and top speed about 80 miles per hour. No official word on where the battery technology and electric drivetrain is expected to come from, though rumors pinpoint North Carolina-based battery company and defense contractor Saft for supplying the lithium-ion batteries.

      Pricing so far has not been announced, but expect an entry-level price tag less than $10,000. Dealership franchise agreements are being hammered out as we speak. It is expected that Crosley will work with Toyota on developing a station wagon version for sale sometime in 2013.

      We will bring more details as they come in.


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