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Important California State Meeting About Our Collector Cars!!!

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  • uniquelittlecars@yahoo.com
    Hey gang,   Please have a look at the e-mail below from Butch Gardner of the Association of California Car Clubs, or ACCC.  This group, of which the Arcane
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2011

      Hey gang,


      Please have a look at the e-mail below from Butch Gardner of the Association of California Car Clubs, or ACCC.  This group, of which the Arcane Auto Society is a member, fights for the rights owners of classic, Arcane or just old cars.  They participate in various legislative and governmental activities in Sacramento and around the state that might affect how we or our kids enjoy our cars in the future. 


      The subject of the mail below has to do with a meeting of the California Inspection and Maintenance Review Committee, a committee of the California EPA that will take place in Sacramento on Dec. 7.  Butch points out that item number 5 on the Dec. 7 agenda is "Get Those Older Cars Off the Road" that will be presented by Dr. Jeffrey Williams.  This kind of program is what used to really make my blood boil, but with advancing years, it’s difficult to get much past simmer. 


      Nonetheless, the ACCC will be on hand to provide a counterpoint to this short sighted lecture.  I encourage any of you who have the time or inclination to attend and lend your voice to others of the automotive enthusiast population to counter such bone headed ideas, legislation or bureaucratic rules.  Now get out there and do some good!


      Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing and fulfilling Thanksgiving!





      Hi Folks,


                   As the POC for your particular Car Club and/or organization here in Calif. I'm sending the attachment to you with the hopes you will share it with your club members and others who own or are interested in Collector Vehicles.


                   It has been stated many times but there are quite a few people with the "They can never do that attitude" but look at the subject of item # 5 on the attachment.


              ** # 5 -- "Get Those Older Cars Off the Road"


                            from Dr. Jefferey Williams. IRMC


                   As you can see on the attachment this is the agenda of the Calif. Inspection & Maintenance Review Committee meeting to held Dec. 7th.


                    These meetings are regularly attended by members of the Assoc. of Calif. Car Clubs and they are fighting the battle so that all Collector Vehicle owners in the State of Calif. can "OWN" & "DRIVE"  & "Enjoy" their Classic Cars.


                    The ACCC is a non-profit 501C (4) group who will be celebrating their 40th anniversary in March of 2012 and for those past 40 years they have been the only group/voice of all-volunteers Californians to speak for you in the Capital and we "Thank You" for your continued "SUPPORT!!"!


                     As you can see, anyone is invited to these public meetings but I personally would bet that very few of you have never heard of one being held.


                     For more info on the ACCC and this subject please check out www.acccdefender.org or contact a member or Director.


                     You can also cnt the 2012 Pres. Rex Roden @ (530) 622.6608 -- He along with other ACCC reps will be at this meeting "Protecting Your Cars!"


            Krooze Safe -- Butch Gardner/ACCC Director

                                      THUNDERBOLTS Car Club




      Jeffrey Williams, Acting Chair John Hisserich, Vice Chair Tom Cahill

      Dennis DeCota Eldon Heaston Maria Elena Kennedy

      Wayne Kino Bud Rice Dean Saito

      Rocky Carlisle, Executive Officer

      1001 I St., First Floor, Room 106, Sacramento, California 95814 Tel: (916) 322-8249 Fax: (916) 445-7124

      Mailing Address: PO Box 838, Sacramento, CA 95812


      Wednesday, December 7, 2011

      2:00 PM to 4:30 PM


      California Environmental Protection Agency

      1001 I St., Second Floor, Sierra Hearing Room

      Sacramento, California 95814


      1) Call to Order

      2) Approval of Minutes for the meeting of November 1, 2011

      3) Executive Officer’s Update

      4) Discussion and consideration of the IMRC draft report to the Governor and Legislature for 2011

      5) Presentation – “Get Those Older Cars Off the Road” - Dr. Jeffrey Williams, IMRC

      6) Public comments on items not on the agenda

      7) Adjourn meeting

      Action may be taken on any item listed on the agenda. Members of the public will receive up to 3 minutes to present comments. The order of

      agenda items is subject to change.

      If you are presenting information at the hearing, please provide 12 copies of your testimony for the Committee

      Members. Copying equipment is not available at the meeting location.

      Notice: The meeting is accessible to the physically disabled. A person who needs a disability-related accommodation or modification in order to

      participate in the meeting may make a request by contacting Rocky Carlisle at (916) 322-8249 or email at

      rocky_carlisle@... or send a written

      request to: IMRC, PO Box 838, Sacramento, CA 95812. Providing your request at least five (5) business days before the meeting will help ensure

      availability of the requested accommodation.
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