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ERA engineer Arnold Cohen on the Gasporter.

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  • LouRugani
    From a 1983 interview with Engineering Research Associates Arnold A. Cohen: One of NAC s products that was already completed, and being marketed as an ERA
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      From a 1983 interview with Engineering Research Associates' Arnold A. Cohen:

      "One of NAC's products that was already completed, and being marketed as an ERA product at the time I came, was what they called the Gasporter - the ERA Gasporter. It was a miniature fueling truck for fueling small aircraft at small airports. And at the time, right after the war, did you ever hear of the Crosley car? There were several subcompact cars, we call them subcompact today, that were on the market. One was the Crosley, that you used to see running around. There was also a Crosley truck, and here they attempted to fit the Crosley truck with a large fuel tank so that they had this miniature servicing thing. I guess that was too much of a load for the Crosley truck because they were always stripping the transmission or the differential or something every time they tried to accelerate, so it didn't work out as a product. But it was being promoted. There was a lot of product literature, and I would suspect that in the stuff that Russ Headley archived over at Univac we should be able to get
      our hands on some of that if they don't care to keep it. If they want to promise to keep it, fine, that's good. But it ought to be catalogued. There was a lot of that early product literature (and a lot of non-product literature) - advertising, feelers and testing the market to see if there were a market for such a product, based on some things that might have been done in the laboratory just up to a certain point. There was a parallel thing to this ERA Gasporter. It was officially called the ERA Lavatory Porter, but it got to be known affectionately as the privy-porter. It was built on a sturdier chassis, on a Jeep. I guess they sold some of these things. These all related to the aviation industry, and John Parker, of course, had good connections throughout that industry."


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