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Roper Present When New Crosley Car Is Introduced.

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  • LouRugani
    (Thanks again to our Michael A. Banks for forwarding the following photo (posted) and article from the San Antonio Express of May 7, 1939.)
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      (Thanks again to our Michael A. Banks for forwarding the following photo (posted) and article from the San Antonio Express of May 7, 1939.)

      Shown above is Harry Roper (at the driver's wheel), local distributor for Crosley products, who also will be distributor in this area for the new low cost automobile recently announced by Powel Crosley Jr. This photo was taken in Indianapolis, Ind., where the car was introduced to distributors and newspapermen before the formal introduction of the new auto at the New York World's Fair. At the extreme left is H. F. Clayton, district manager for Crosley products.

      An American manufacturer's answer to the increasing demand for low-cost family transportation is the new Crosley car now being offered to the public by Powel Crosley Jr.,nationally known manufacturer of radios and electric refrigerators and head of Cincinnati radio station WLW, and the Cincinnati baseball team. The Alamo Distributing Company, distributor in Southwest Texas of other Crosley products, will be the distributor. Harry Roper is the manager.
      The new Crosley car was introduced at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway April 28 and to the public at the New York World's Fair two days later.
      Designed to average up to 60 miles a gallon of fuel and cruise comfortably at 45 to 30 miles an hour and accommodate in comfort four passengers.
      In the hands of the public the car is expected to obtain an economy up to 60 miles to the gallon at 30 miles per hour. Naturally more gasoline will be consumed at higher speeds. The car has been designed to average about 50 miles to the gallon in ordinary, everyday use and, while the manufacturers have no experience as yet with operation by the public, they believe there can be but little doubt that this will be the most economical motor car ever offered to the motoring public.
      The car is made in two models, two-passenger convertible-coupe and in the four-passenger convertible sedan with additional equipment.

      Especially Designed

      Freight rates will be considerably reduced because of the low weight of the car, 925 pounds. At least 10 of the Crosley cars can be shipped in one ordinary freight car.
      This new car cannot be compared with any other automobile now manufactured because it has been especially designed to fill the growing need for a simple, practical unit which can be sold at a low cost and operated economically.
      Airplane manufacturing prlnciples have been used throughout from the efficient, air-cooled motor to the revolutionary but practical four-wheel brakes.
      Streamlined and styled in the very best of taste, the small but formidable car is 10 feet long and four-and-a-half feet high. It
      weighs less than 925 pounds, has three speeds forward and reverse, safety glass and is a convertible model with an "honest-to-goodness" one-man top.
      The new Crosley car has been the dream of Powel Crosley Jr. for 30 years. Although it follows conventional automobile manufacturing practices in its mechanical design - except in size and weight - it is a transportation unit of entirely different conception which strikes out for itself to be used with respect and pride by people of moderate means for practical, comfortable transportation and recreation. It offers utility and secondary transportation to those who can and do afford anything from the lowest priced car in the general field today to the highest priced automobile made.

      Quarter Ton Capacity

      When used as a light commercial vehicle, one of the seats of the convertible coupe may be removed for added transportation space, offering a quarter ton conservative carrying capacity, ideal for delivery purposes in congested areas or suburban districts.

      Specifications — The Crosley Car

      Wheel base, 80 inches; tread, 40 inches (same front and rear); tires, 4-1/4 by 12 inches (Goodrich); total length of car, 120 inches bumper to bumper; height, 56 inches from ground to top; road clearance, 7-1/2 inches, and weight, 925 pounds (with full load of fuel and oil and back-seat but without spare tire).

      Motor — Two cylinder - opposed light aviation-type four-cycle engine (Waukesha), (air-cooled by suction blower which is cast integral with flywheel); down-draft carburetor of special design (by Tillotson); generator direct drive off crankshaft in front of engine (no belts); conventional starter, distributor and other electrical equipment (Autolite); extra large bearings; bore, 3 inches; stroke, 2-3/4 inches; cubic inch displacement, 38.87 inches; lubrication, full pressure.
      Transmission — Three speeds forward and reverse (Warner); single plate clutch (Rockford); rear axle, (Spicer) full tape rollerbearings (Timken); wheels, (specially designed by Motor Wheel Corp.)

      Note: The car features a direct drive from rubber mounted floating power plant through torque tube to the rear axle without use ol universal joints.

      New Development

      Brakes — Four-wheel mechanical brakes, cable operated.
      Note: The brakes are a new development which has been proved by airplane manufacturers. Novel in that they have no riveted linings. They give more than twice the possible braking surface of ordinary neutral or two-shoe brakes and can be relined by simply removing wheel and inserting a length of brake lining in brake drums. Gives 350 degrees of braking (Hawley).
      Springs-—Front springs, semielliptic; rear springs, one-quarter elliptic, and rubber shackles and spring bearings.
      Shock Absorbers — Four Delco-Lovejoy.
      Fuel Tank—Capacity, four gallons; oil, two quarts in crankcase.
      Miscellaneous — body by Murray, steering gear by Ross, safety glass, driver's seat adjustable, with ample leg-room throughout (designed by Crosley who is 6 feet, 4 inches); strongly constructed channel section frame.
      Model — Two-passenger convertible coupe or quarter-ton capacity commercial vehicle; four-passenger convertible de luxe sedan; choice of three color combinations: grey, yellow and blue, and all red wheels with large chromium hub-caps; top black.
      Performance — Top-speed, 50 miles per hour; recommended top cruising speed 40 to 45 miles per hour; expect to get 50 or more miles to the gallon, and excellent high climbing performance.
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