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Bob's father's Crosley wagon.

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  • LouRugani
    From: BOB ROSS Subject: Father s Crosley wagon Mr. Rugani, I have been looking for this picture for a long time and finally found it. I went to put it on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2011
      From: BOB ROSS
      Subject: Father's Crosley wagon

      Mr. Rugani,

      I have been looking for this picture for a long time and finally found it. I went to put it on the Crosley site and was not able to find a way to do it. It seems that you are there for almost all of the "vintage" photos so I thought I would forward this to you. If this is not the way to do this please advise.

      Story behind the pic is that my father was in the Air Force and was a pilot. He flew the KC-97s (tankers) and frequently, being a member of SAC, was called to do TDYs (Temporary duty stations) such as Thule Greenland etc. for periods up to 90 days. Having the Crosley wagon, he was able to put it into the aircraft and upon arrival he had his own vehicle to use during the TDY. This would make his Crosley a very high mileage Crosley. LOL

      I have no idea as to what ever became of his Crosley, but my thought was that with the 1955 Ohio lic. plate pictured then maybe there was a way to backtrack for a VIN. I have contacted Ohio and believe that they told me the records do not go back that far. Oh well. I would be curious as to what may have happened to the vehicle but unless someone bought a Crosley with that license plate displayed, not much of a chance.

      I think the (After) picture was of the Crosley engine sitting on my mother's kitchen table IN THE KITCHEN while he disassembled and reassembled it. LOL That picture survives in my mind but sadly not on paper.

      Additionally this was the first vehicle I ever drove. Well, sort of. Seems my father in a rather "lathered" state allowed me at age of 8?? to steer the car home after his stint in the local officers club. Including driving up and down the sidewalk in the neighborhood. Well, it wasn't exactly driving but more like I steered as he was seeing two of everythng. lol

      Bob Ross

      Thanks, Bob. The photo can be seen from our 'New Photos' link on our CCOC Homepage.

      Sure, any Crosley-related photos can be sent offlist and I'll post them on our CCOC site(s). Otherwise, anyone may post them individually ... but please file them in our appropriate albums. If anyone has a suggestion for a new album, we'll entertain it. Thanks again, Bob!
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