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Wisconsin registrations.

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  • LouRugani
    From: Paul Underwood Subject: Important Info Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 9:54 PM Over the past few years, many vehicle owners have had problems
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2011
      From: Paul Underwood
      Subject: Important Info Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 9:54 PM

      Over the past few years, many vehicle owners have had problems getting registration for their older vehicles. Some problems were resolved by appeals, and the passage of 2 bills last year. But many more are still unable to obtain proper registration. A small group have of us have been working to resolve these issues, and I am writing to share information with you about our efforts.
      My name is Paul Underwood. Also involved are Curt Rymkus and Tom Zat. Many of you may already know one or more of us. There are a few others working in the background who deserve anonymous credit too.

      We have been meeting with DOT and believe that there is a high probability of future legislation. Given the current turmoil within state government, it is crucial that Wisconsin Crosley owners stay informed and get involved to support this effort within the Crosley Club organization. We have also set up an informational page on the Wisconsin Pinzgauer website, a site which was formed in '08 during a previous fight with DOT. We will use emails and the website to organize public action, when the appropriate time comes.

      Many vehicles which meet applicable safety standards have been denied registration under seemingly arbitrary decisions by DMV. Examples include vehicles denied registration because they were repainted another color, radial tires on collector cars, chrome parts in the engine bay, and a 1943 vehicle which did not meet 1968 equipment standards. One was previously registered in Wis. as a hobbyist, but was now denied hobbyist plates. Another had been registered in Wis. for decades, but was now denied collector plates.

      We believe that if the vehicle satisfied the federal equipment requirements for the original date of manufacture, and can meet Wis. equipment standards, then that vehicle is eligible for registration in Wisconsin. If the registration application gets refused, then the owner should be able to get the vehicle inspected by their local law-enforcement for equipment compliance. If the vehicle meets the standards, then DOT must issue registration. This way, the requirements are clearly defined, and the owner has a recourse if DOT refuses to issue registration.

      We are not trying to license illegal vehicles. We are not trying to change any of the current requirements. We are not effecting existing Collector/Hobbyist laws. Currently, DOT has laws which require them to refuse registration under certain situations. We believe there must be laws which require DMV to issue registration provided current laws are met.

      We will send updates as this progresses. Please share this information, STAY TUNED, and thank you for your involvement.

      Two quick messages:

      1) The purpose of these emails is to establish communication links between ourselves and Car Clubs such as the CCOC and private enthusiasts. As mentioned before, we are meeting with DOT, and believe there is a high probability of future legislation to address problems with registration of older cars. Please do not contact your elected officials at this time. Any legislation must first be written and given a number. When that time comes, we will ask everyone to act in unison and refer to that number.

      2) If someone you know has experienced recent problems obtaining registration for an old vehicle, please notify me. I make no claims of being able to solve everything (nor am I going to try). But there are folks who have already gone through some of this, and may be able to offer you some advice. Besides that, we need to know the scope of the current problems.

      That's it. Please forward this email to other concerned Wisconsin citizens.

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