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A Devin and a Crosley at the Milwaukee Masterpiece.

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  • LouRugani
    Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d Elegance show Posted by: storekeep60 storekeep60@yahoo.com Date: Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:19 pm ((PDT)) Hey all, just wanted to
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      Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d'Elegance show
      Posted by: "storekeep60" storekeep60@... Date: Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:19 pm ((PDT))

      Hey all, just wanted to post a quick note that I was at the Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d'Elegance show this past weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

      The two featured car types this year were Porsche and Fabulous Fiberglass.

      We all know what Porsche is, but when was the last time you saw a Porsche tractor? I knew they existed, but I've never seen one up close until the show.
      The fiberglass feature isn't what you would think/expect either. It wasn't a bunch of Corvettes and "glass Cobras". There were a few Corvettes in the show (various classes), a Kaiser Darrin, a Studebaker Avanti, a Bricklin, and a slew of other fiberglass cars that most people have never heard of, or have forgotten (thus the Forgotten Fiberglass class!) - Some of the "other" fiberglass cars included:
      Glasspar G2s, Woodill Wildfires, Victress, Devin, Kellison, Covington, Curtis, Bosley and the Paxton.

      I haven't done an exact count of the cars yet, but I'm guessing there were approx. 300 cars in the various classes.

      The main reason for the post is that one class had several micro cars. These include: BWM Isetta, Crosley sedan conv, Amphicar, and a Honda N600.

      I was pleased and impressed to see that this show has taken an interest in, and accepted, cars that tend to fall outside of the "normal" channels.
      This was the 7th year of the show, and the round Trip is just shy of 500 miles for me. Still, I felt it was a worthwhile trip and adventure. I will consider going back and encourage anyone out there to find a concours show in your area and approach their board of directors about granting/accepting entries of "non-standard" cars, such as the micros, fiberglass, etc.

      CCOC membership today: 433.
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